Barefoot trail hoof modifications

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    In our area we had a very hot & dry summer and the abundant long grasses of Spring ended up being rather slippery when dry and laid down. To help solve the issue of our horses slipping and sliding around the meadow, I filed a few traction edges into our mustang’s hooves. This actually really helped, although I had never heard or seen this done, effectively adding tread blocks to the hoof walls instead of slick surfaces. I will experiment further as we go, to achieve an ideal number and placement of them. If you try this, just be sure to use a ROUND file (and don’t go too deep), as it will reduce the possibility of creating a fracture point.

    FYI: These are my Kiger’s hooves, so please no comments about him being “club-footed”. This is a natural evolution of the breed where the hoof angle is more vertical with substantial heels. It helps them survive and navigate in the rocky terrain of Eastern Oregon.

    "Ride fearlessly, but think carefully"

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