Best Cooler sheets for wide bodied Warmbloods

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    I just bought a new horse, and he is a PercheronxTB. He has a really wide barrel, chest, and (of course) butt, this has led to a long blanket search for his old owner, who had amazing sewing skills and made him a custom fitting blankets and sheets, so seeing as though I need a cooler I am at a lost which coolers will actually fit him. Do you guys have any suggestions? Open to any brand as long as its durable and works well

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    I have a size 90 Percheron and a size 83 Percheron cross. The Amigo XL turnouts are great for wide horses.
    As for coolers, they tend not to be quite as difficult to fit, since the fleece and knit ones stretch a bit- but most of them max out at 84″. So if your horse is 84 or less, I would simply recommend ordering an inexpensive cooler and try it. The Baker Irish weave anti-sweat sheet looks like it has a pretty large neck opening, which is the trickiest fitting point on wide horses.
    For the big guy, I have one of the old-fashioned square coolers- it just goes partway up his neck rather than looping over his ears, but it works ok.
    NB: I don’t leave my horses in their coolers beyond the time it takes them to dry, so if you’re leaving yours on for long periods, a precise fit is more important.

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    I have a horse that is very difficult to fit. I’ve tried several different brands of blankets. Hands down, Schneider’s is the absolute best! They are a bit pricey, but I’m a believer in you get what you pay for, the quality, durability, fit are like no other. Check them out at: you won’t be disappointed.

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    Weatherbeeta freestyle—has a fuller fit all-around, a larger tailflap, and great range (freedom) of motion for the shoulders. I have a true QH. He has a very large build and also a large butt. Also, has the great chest clips (instead of the straps/buckle). Love this blanket and holds up wonderfully; has many denier choices, plus a choice of the detach-a-neck option on the heavier blankets.
    Lastly, not as pricey as the Horseware brand.

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    Schneider’s Big Fella. The Amigo XLs are good, but after using both, I think the Schneider’s is better constructed, plus it has a warranty, Amigo does not.–1680D-Big-Fella-Turnouts/

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    Oh, sorry, totally missed “coolers” my brain saw “sheets”
    Maybe this would work looks like it has a larger neck

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    I totally agree Schneider’s Saddlery Big Fella fit great! I had a spotted draft and theirs fit great!!! Quality products too!

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    Schneider’s Big Fella is really the only way to go. I have not found any other blanket that will work on my 17-3 hand/2,000 pound big girl. They are also reasonably priced, adjustable in all the right places, and wear like iron.

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