Best Tall Boots for Short Riders?

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    The Tredstep and Ariat heights are 17″+ while I am only a 14″. Any ideas? I also don’t have a huge budget($200-300MAX). Thanks all!

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    Go to a reliable store and have them fit you. When I was younger (before boots came with zippers), my legs were so skinny I had to have boots taken in. I am sure that something can be done for height for you. I think Ariat has boots in tall, regular and short.

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    I have longer legs I’m 5’10” but my calves are only 15″ and all tall boots are about 19″ I couldn’t even bend my legs! I got Devon-Aire boots last week for my birthday and have been really happy with them so far. They are about $200 for the leather ones, and $80 for synthetics ( which is what I have!

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    I’m super short (5’2″) and my legs measure 15″ I was able to get off the shelf Ariats in the short height and they work fine. My only issue is that I would probably be a “full” calf but in the short height they only offer regular or wide. Hope this is helpful

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