Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

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    I’ve heard many people use these in order to help their horse’s skin/coat. I was wondering if anyone on here had experience with this? I had been feeding my gelding, Comet (mentioned on here before, a rescue), 8 oz of flax seed per day and was very happy with the results for his skin/coat/tail. However, we have been getting into heavier work with barrel racing, and I feel that he needs more fat/protein/calories in his diet, so was intending to put him back on Purina Amplify Nuggets. From my research, it sounds like the Amplify will help with skin/coat while also giving him that extra edge I’m looking for. But then I came across the black oil sunflower seeds and am now undecided. They are cheaper, but it looks like the balance of Omega 3’s to 6’s is way off. Any input on this?

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