Blisters on gums in mouth

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    My horse has tiny blisters on his gums. There is NO sign of any foxtail or other type of suspicious grass embedded from his bermuda hay. These are just tiny blisters. He is uncomfortable in the bridle and won’t let you touch his mouth. His pasture is not in the best shape – so i am wondering if he allergic to something in the pasture. We have had a lot of rain this spring – so no telling what is growing out there. I need to know how to treat these blisters. Any suggestions?

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    Until you know for sure what this is by having your vet diagnose it, I don’t think anyone will be comfortable giving you advice on treatment.
    Ask your vet if they are seeing anything this spring like vesicular stomatitis—this is my 1st thought when you mention painful blisters in his mouth. I wouldn’t ride him i.e. put a bridle on him until you know. He sounds very ouchy—hopefully your vet can diagnose quickly & an easy treatment plan will be made available!

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    I agree with Wyo. Once you have a diagnosis, you can address the cause. If it is something in your pasture, consult your county agricultural agent for advice on how to eliminate it safely.

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