Boots for Big Legs?

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    OK, first things first – my horse has the big legs. Mine are normal (ish). As an 18hh draft cross, Savannah’s legs are both tall and big around, and I have trouble finding open front boots that don’t make her legs look like bratwurst in a cocktail wiener bun. Any recommendations on brands or sites to check out?

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    I don’t know any off the top of my head but there are several websites that specialize in tack for drafts, I would start by checking those.

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    I have an 18hh Oldenburg, and I recently ordered him Roma Gel Open Front boots off of the website. These are exactly like the popular Eskadron Gel boots, but I like these much much more. The gel in them is thicker and they are about $40, as apposed to the Eskadron Gel boots which are I believe $170 on some websites. Anyway, I ordered the oversize boots for my horse and when they came they were huge! The company has great customer service and they shipped the horse size to me. The horse size fit my horse just fine. However, I think the oversize would be great for a draft or draft cross. I highly recommend the Roma Gel Open Front Boots, and I think the oversize would fit your horse well.

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