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    I have been using SmartOmega 3 on Sweetheart for the last couple months while her new spring coat is coming in. What a beautiful shine. She looks so beautiful. I am so glad I tried this suppliment!! Thanks Smartpak.

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    the omega supplements are wonderful, and I highly recommend them. I have 3 Tennessee walkers, 1 all black, a tobiano, and a orvero paint. I supplemented thru the winter with the omegas and still have my horses on them. my black horse that would normally pale out to a tinted red from sun pasture grazing/sun exposure, has “stayed” black, and is beautiful. the shed coats of winter came off very quickly this year (normally takes me 2 months to get that winter coats off them and only took me a few weeks this year). the coats are shiny, deep colored, the skin is not flakey, or dry, and groom is a breeze too. I will not do without omega supplements for my horses for sure. I love that stuff and how awesome my horses look this year. very proud mama horse owner here! smile

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    I’ve hd Pooh Bear on this supplement all winter and I also noticed how quickly his winter coat shed out!! HE’s always had an amazing shine to his coat and still does at 27!!

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