Brindle or something more?

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    Below are some pictures of my 2 year old quarter horse mare that we bred and raised. She has this coat pattern and some hair loss on her face. Oddly enough, we own her mother who also has what appears to be the brindled colors but is not as much of a contrast. They both appear to be more on the itchy side but manageable with flax seed though it has not resolved the coat pattern. We have had allergy testing with the mother which did come back for several allergies including pine. Has any one seen this coat pattern before? We have had vets and other professionals tell us everything from “she’s brindle” to fly bite dermatitis. Any insight would be helpful!

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    Hi Heidi, I’ve actually seen horses with natural brindle-like patterns before (usually happens more on textured coats, like curlies). It’s hard to tell from pictures (for some reason, my resolution on the SmartPak forum is always wonky) if your mare’s coat is just “different” or if she has a skin problem. Honestly I’m leaning towards skin issue, since her mom has some allergies and you mentioned hair loss on her face. What is her diet (you mentioned flax seed)? I have an OTTB who, the first year I had him, was a complete mess (hooves, skin, coat, allergies, attitude). Time and diet fixed a lot. Also, is there anything different about her coat in those areas? (When you run your hand over, does the texture change with the colors?)
    This is an interesting one… good luck! Beautiful horse, by the way.

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    Yes the texture is different with the different color hair. Her diet is Tribute Calm and Easy, mixed hay and grass. Thanks!

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