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    I am working with an Appaloosa rescue, who is very heavily built on the forehand–not muscle, just big shoulders and very high withers. His back end looks so much smaller compared to his front end. I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck with muscle building supplements, that do not make the horse hot? Or specific exercises to help build up his back end?


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    The exercises have been covered in other comments and questions. For building his top line, I use Smart Muscle – it has worked wonders on my horse. And, it did NOT make him hot, thank goodness because he is fairly odd. (Arabian)

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    Before starting you need to make sure the horse is at the proper weight. If you feel he is at the proper weight to start an exercise plan make time to ride 4-5 days per week. Find a hill with a gradual incline. The bigger the better. work walk, trot, and canter un and down the hill for a couple weeks. Now do the same hill work this time get into two point lean down a little put each hand as low as you can on each shoulder. Keep good contact and send the horse forward into the bit to engage the hind end. Few weeks of this you will see dramatic improvement. When starting the two point exercise do it in spurts. The horse should not be forced overnight needs to be gradual.

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    To build muscle on his hindquarters, you need to back him up hills and do lots of long trots. This will definitely work. I hope this helps!

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    Enzymes….they assist in the breakdown/utilization of the food – which builds muscle….

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    I also would start with mild to moderate short rides and build from there…too much too quick w/out adequate muscle is counter productive not to mention can harm the horse….take pictures each season to see the improvement….This will take time…

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    You need to watch some Youtube videos from Art2Ride. The instructor is Will Faerber and he is all about how to build the topline of your horse to make it possible for him to do the athletic movements that you require.

    It’s all about stretching the horse long and low, down into a contact with the light rein, while keeping his back legs active and pushing. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

    He has many video critiques that he’s published helping people who are working on their own. With this work, over time you see the back come up and fill the dips in front of and behind the saddle.

    I’ve used his advice to build the strength to do the more collected gaits at Second Level. It worked for my horse and his back is NEVER sore.

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    Several years ago my TB mare needed to build hindquarter muscle after an injury. The vet recommended I walk her over ground poles, then build to low cavaletti. Placed the poles in different patterns on the ground and then we walked different patterns. We started with 10 minutes once a day and built up to an hour plus twice daily. This was all done from the ground and at a walk to start, slowly working into some slow trotting. Not only did she end up with much improved and great looking hindquarters, I did, too! I suppose you could lunge the horse, my mare needed to go in straight lines, so I led her.
    The other thing that helped was the best nutrition I could give her – high quality hay with oats and beet pulp.

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    Those are great tips, I will definitely get started with some ground poles!

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    The only way to really build muscle is through proper riding and exercise. However, I strongly recommend that you limit your horse’s access to sugary foods and treats as sugar is not that good for horses. Feed treats like carrots and apples over peppermints and sugar cubes.

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    i agree with llimeri above post

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