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    Hey Guys!! I am looking for a calming supplement and there are just too many to try out. I have a 3.5 year old ex halter quarter horse who I broke. He was not easy by any means to break. Very scared and extremely girthy fella. He is also considered cold backed! However, after a long slow breaking he started to become a nice ride. We were trail riding..going over small cross rails..working on ground poles..etc. He was going for about 5 months finally and then he got a severe fetlock sprain in the pasture. He is super playful! He has been down for about 3 months now and I should be cleared to ride again Nov maybe Dec depending how xrays and swelling. He is a super nice guy but is now more up tight than before..tense..nervous etc. He is use to having a job to do and now that the job is gone these problems have come with it. So I am looking for something to take the edge off and once we start training again I want him be relaxed. Any suggestions?

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    I had success with SmartCalm and or SmartCalm Ultra with my OTTTB mare.

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    Ok that is what I was thinking about ordering. A friend said to try perfect prep…

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    I would also suggest doing more ground work or having someone do it for you if you can’t right now. Also, look up T-Touch. It is a wonderful systerm that is very handy to know. There is a book on the method. I used it with my 8 year old Arabain geld. when I first got him. He was as hot a mess you could imagine coming from a previous owner who used a heavy hand. Took us a year, but we did a ton of ground work, proofing for trails, Clinton Anderson methods, clicker training, and TTouch. The T Touch was used to calm him down when he wouldn’t listen to my cues.
    Another thing that helped me was to teach my horse HOW to calm down. I taught him to lower his head because when he got worked up he raised it like no tomorrow! I started on the ground with pressure/release at the poll and transitioned it to on the ground with a halter/lead then to bridal/reins. Basically a stretching excercise but it helped him gather his emotion.

    I never have used a supplement for calming,so I can’t help along that line. I hope these tips may help along with your supplement. Good luck!

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    I used to use Smart Calm on my daughters mare who gets really wound up at horse shows but now am using Mare Magic which seems to work well for her. Just my experience but when I used Perfect Prep on 2 of my mares they both got really uncomfortable, acted like their bellies hurt and were miserable for about 2 hours (and that was on 1/2 dose each.) Another horse in our barn used Perfect Prep just before a show and had an allergic reaction, his eyes puffed up so bad they had to take him home and give him steroids for 3 days.

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    I, too, am looking for something short term. I have a wonderful gelding (my beautiful and dearly loved Pheets, for those that might have read other posts of mine) that has security issues but loves trails and wants out. He is not spooky, actually the opposite: has to touch smelltastetouchseeheartouch EVERYthing! He just gets over stimulated and then can’t find his brain or his emotional base and then we have a panic party. The trailer is an issue more about leaving home than loading or going out, if that makes any sense…. As badly as he wants to be out and about, in his heart which is not bold, he just can’t get there from here. I do believe that medicating him in a short and shallow acting way can help with the first few outings but I am not sure what to use. I have tried UtraCalm but I am not happy with his neediness and skittish behaviour on it (not his normal personality), it did not solve the problem, plus, it is no longer available in a powder form (he has dental conditions that warrant soft feeds, no pellets) He is an older yet very athletic horse, expressive and joyful beyond my ability or my nerve. We both need a little help for the first couple times out…just til the novelty wears off, if it will… Any experiences or suggestions?

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    I’ve had really good luck with SmartCalm Ultra on my Warmblood mare. She’s a worrier and hot [and a mare 😉 ] by nature, and this supplement seems to have minimized her worrying, calmed her down a notch, and really allowed her to think things through better without making her dull or clumsy (as some other calmers have done for another of my horses). It’s a little pricey, but it’s definitely been worth the money for my family and me. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!

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    We have used Mare Magic, which is just cut and sifted Raspberry Leaf Tea. We now get it from an herbal medicine store.

    You feed a scoop, about 1/2 oz i think about 15 minutes before you start working. It lasts for a while, like an hour or so but it gives you time to get started with a calm feeling so they an learn to experience that.

    It does not leave your horse stupid or lethargic. It seems to work much like chamomile would for humans.

    It works as a working calmer for geldings but is best as a calmer for moody mares, especially when in season.

    It is not expensive and has no side effects so it is worth a try.

    We just feed it straight. Our horses like it fine without having to mix it into anything, though it mixes with breakfast just fine, too.

    I hope it works for you.


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    This sounds a LOT like my guy, including the being referred to as “cold backed.” The girthy part could be a sign of ulcers or other tummy issues. This will also cause anxiety and what other horse people around you to call “bad training” and tell you to go back to basics. If you KNOW in your heart your horse’s basics don’t have any holes, and he was fine before but seems to have suddenly “forgot” his basics, I would look into tummy issues.

    My horse was toted as “hard to handle” and having “bad manners” or my favorite was some people called him “high strung.” There is a youtube video that can show you some of the pressure points that can signal ulcers. I did this and my horse went nuts. I called the vet and he was treated for ulcers. Then he switch to SmartGut, and then SmartGut Ultra when it came out. For 2 years my horse is nice, normal and CALM. I also pair it up with SmartCalm because ulcer treatments can lead to magnesium deficiency. This causes all sorts of behavior issues too…google “magnesium deficiency in horses” and you’ll see what I mean.

    With both the SmartGut Ultra and the Smart Calm, my horse is AMAZING. We are also at a new barn where he is handled by young 4H’rs all the time and is a favorite. When I told my current barn manager what his reputation at his old barn was, she couldn’t believe anyone would think that of my horse.

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    Try Quiessence!!

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    For me, quiessence has worked amazingly! But, that still didn’t make my pony completely calm, relaxed, and not tense (and I am definitely not one of those people who likes horses that act completely drugged up–I just mean not nervous and jittery!) Depo works amazingly, but your horse may not need it. Depo is a hormone injection, and it is NOT drugging or anything like that–there are reasons for humans to take this as well! It has majorly reduced my pony’s anxiety, and it was clear that this was a hormone that his body needed. Like I said before, some horses already have plenty of hormones in their bodies that depo is supposed to assist. But, it is definitely worth a shot! And please, since your horse is injured, if at any point his nervousness and hyper-ness becomes a danger to him, call your vet to have him sedated. It can save his life!

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    Our Gelding Quarter Horse (18) was severely abused before we owned him. He is very skittish. Of course over the years he has gained his trust with my mother and I. On occasions for big events we use a supplement that we used to use regularly but decided that he didn’t need it for everyday use. We also decided to use it on my Quarter Horse mare (12) when she was on stall rest for 3 months because of a severe injury.

    The product is Calm & Cool, we use the oral.

    We have tried everything and it has been our best fit!

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    I went to tractor supply to just get something in the mean time and they had vitacalm. It seems to be taking a lil bit of the edge off for him. He is not so tight and a lil more relaxed. We will be going to the vet tom. to get a second opinion about the fetlock. We did treat him for ulcers and saw no diff during the treatment or after it. He had a lot of groundwork as a halter horse and once I bought him. I am thinking he needs major desensitizing. He just seems to be in general a very tickleish guy.

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    I would definitely ask your SmartPak customer service person- You can explain what is going on and they really do know their products and don’t just try to sell you SmartPak products. They usually send samples out so that you can see what your house thinks of them as far as palatable and if it works.

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    I tried Perfect Prep on my three-quarters Thoroughbred and it didn’t do anything for him, even when I put him on the loading dose for much longer than suggested.

    So I am still looking for a ‘legal’ calming supplement that will work when we compete at recognized shows, and have just order SmartCalm Ultra. Fingers crossed!

    For everyday use you might like to try Daily Calm from Springtime Inc. Its main ingredient is ginseng which isn’t ‘legal’ because it counts as a herb, but it really keeps my over-reactive gelding focused and calm. That is my normal training supplement for him when we’re not under USDF rules, as it is a cheaper way to keep him calm yet still attentive and forward going and not at all ‘drugged.’

    You need to take your horse off it for seven days before a USDF show. (Which is why I’m looking for a ‘legal’ supplement.)

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