Cancer – tumor under tail

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    My horse has a large tumor under his tail. Recently I have noticed that it may be interfering with his bowel movements.
    Can I give my horse mineral oil to help soften his stools?
    He is an older gelding.
    Today I bought beet pulp with molasses and put some grain on top of it
    hoping he would eat it.
    He will not eat the beet pulp. That’s what the vet told me to use for him.
    I wondered if mineral oil would work. Just on occasion.
    The vet said that once the tumor prevented him being able to have a bowel
    movement, there was nothing she could do.
    She also has some kind of pills that she said would possibly reduce the size of the tumor.
    Please help me.
    Thank you!
    Marte’ Nelson Daves

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    I watch a lot of odd TV shows, and on an episode of Dr. Pol, he treated a horse who had what looked like a tumor under her tail as well. It was a soft tissue tumor(not cancerous). But what he did was put a casteration band around it and let it fall off. Since you can’t really cut them off without causing a lot of bleeding and discomfort.
    Maybe talk to your vet about this option? There has to be something you can do for him. I don’t see any harm in giving him mineral oil.

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    I would suggest a second opinion from a different vet clinic. Hope someone can help you!

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