Chronic Diarrhea???

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    When my horse goes to the bathroom lately, it’s really watery and loose. She had problems with this before and then after I would worm her (I worm her every 3 months) she would be fine for about 4 weeks, and then she would get loose stool again. She colicked in October, and the vet did a rectal exam then. Since, she hasn’t had a problem with it until just about a week ago. Is there anything I can do to help her? I don’t know why she keeps having problems with it…:( Thanks for the answers!! 🙂

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    Usually if our horses start having loose stools, I put them on Probios which seems to help settle their stomach. For our mare, it’s the hay in the winter. Especially in grass hay, they’ll pump it full of Nitrates to keep the grass looking green and that can mess with a horses stomach if they are sensitive to it.
    Does she have a good amount of sand in her stool? That can also cause her to have diarrhea. Sand Clear is usually a good supplement to give as it solidifies and pushes out any sand that might be in her stomach.

    Hope this helps…

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