Chronic lyme/skin sensitivity

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    I ride a 24 year old OTTB who’s been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, and has been treated as well. He was tested after an acupuncturist couldn’t get any needles in his back, which was very out of character. This was a few years ago, and now he still seems SUPER sensitive to the touch, very girthy, kicks/bite when blanketed, not happy to be curried, extremely sensitive to bugs. I did a round of a Ulcergard with no change and he is about to begin SmartCombo Ultra. I’m just curious if anyone has had any experience dealing with this type of symptom to chronic lyme? All suggestions welcome! He’s lovely under saddle and we’re getting ready for a summer at Beginner Novice, but I’m really hoping to figure something out that helps him be more comfortable and stop being so grumpy.

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    This may be a long shot but could it be a nerve sensitivity? My horse was diagnosed and treated with lyme once before with the doxycycline. He showed the same symptoms again about 2 years later so I went a different, more natural route with treating it. I didn’t do a lyme test to confirm if he was positive for it but the symptoms went away. I found this product here and it includes a “nerve regeneration” within the kit. Just figured I’d throw that out there for you!

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    Thank you! I’ll give it a try!

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