chunky epm horse that lost all muscle in hind

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am new here. Pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Long story short. My 19 year old is recovering from EPM. He never had the best muscle tone(I trail ride 3-4 times a week for 1-2 hours) and he is a super easy keeper. I am trying to build up his hind quarters and topline with protein. He is also now being worked three times a week by the trainer but not longer than 20 minutes as that is what he can do right now. So…trying to add protein without too many calories. He is on 1.5 cups of enrich 2x a day. The feed mill nutrionist person suggested adding 1 cup of soy pellets but that did not agree with him. She now suggest linseed pellets….and when she figured it out it was 6 cups 1x a day…plus his enriched and all of his smartpak supplements. He is also on a few flakes a hay a day and very very munched down late summer grass. Is anyone familiar with linseed pellets? I have tried to research and I am not coming up with my answers. I am concerned about making my horse even more chunky. I would not keep him on this long term….maybe a few months. any thoughts? Thank you!

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    Smartpak Muscle Mass (I think that is the correct name) gave my older boy a lovely topline and hindquarters. In a few months, he went from being a scarecrow with no neck, chest or rump to pinning in small local conformation classes. Of course, he did not have any medical issues, but his former owners did not even recognize him, because he improved so much.

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    A muscle supplement is good. What I seen that works too, is training him to use his hind quarters not his front end (shoulders). Using the front end will lead to aches and panes and shoulder problems as the horse gets older. Sending a horse to a trainer is not a very good idea, cause then you would not know what to do to help your horse with every problem.

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