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    I’m getting ready to body clip my mare again this year, and I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs and tips that say that clipping wet is the best way to go (not soaked, but damp). My vet does always scrub my horse down before clipping for injections, and it does seem to work pretty well, but I’d never thought about it for a full body clip. Anyone out there have a preference or advice?

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    When I did a body clipping on my girl I brushed her really good with a brush and then went to work. And my clippers worked great. And as for damp or dry, you can do whatever you like. Maybe test it out in a small spot and see what looks better. I’d also suggest body clipping/clipping when your horse has a clean coat. That way it’s easier on the clippers and they wont have to go through all the dust and stuff. You can clean by either brushing really good, or a bathing.

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    I was just in the same situation, and I scoured the COTH boards and here is what I learned:
    If you’re going to clip wet, clip soaking wet. Damp hair clogs clippers. I can personally vouch for this, because when I went to clip after the bath, the horse was 90% dry, but the areas that were still damp caused my clippers to gum up and start “chewing” at the hair. This was a pair of brand new blades.

    My advice, go old school- bathe, wait, wait, wait for your hairy monster to dry, show shine the bejesus out of him and then clip.

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