Colleges with Equestrian Programs

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    I’m currently looking at colleges that would allow me to pursue my passion in Eventing as well as a degree in Physical Therapy, Anesthesiology, or History. I am taking online classes with Liberty University Online in order to ride more. I would prefer to be able to bring my mare, Flower Of Capomo (OTTB), that way I wouldn’t have to burden my parents with taking care of her and I could continue to work our way up the levels. Location isn’t a main priority, I prefer a safe place for my horse and a good education over anything else. I am close to Virginia Tech, but I do not want to go there for various reasons. What schools do you recommend?

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    One of the first universities that allowed students to get a degree in “horse” was William Woods University in Fulton, MO. I think Stephen’s College is also in MO–both have very strong riding programs. I’m sure there are many other colleges and universities that are closer to you than Missouri, I just have no idea where they are. Have you tried the internet? Good luck!

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    If you are looking for a large (Big 10) university with an equestrian program, my daughter is an alumni of Penn State – located in central Pennsylvania – and it has a vast variety of degree programs from hotel management to dairy farming to golf course design to egyptology. If you want options, a big school is the way to go. My daughter and son-in-law graduated from there and have strong ties to the school – they loved their college experience. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. They have an equestrian studies program – and team that competes in IHSA. There are many schools in VA, NC, TN, and SC that participate and have good programs – I’m assuming from VPI you are in the western VA area. (You’ll want to stay within 500 miles of home – trust me on this.)

    So I googled IHSA – and here are the participating schools:

    That list is bound to have some schools you would like, and might make a good place to start your research on prospective schools. With college choice being so important for success, you can’t base your decision on recommendations from anyone – it should be your personal preference – how you feel on campus and talking with professors and students in your areas of interest. There is no substitute for the campus visit – try to go during the school year so you can really assess the ‘feel’ of the place. Talk to members of the equestrian teams and the coaches. Decide on big school/little school – and this should depend on your surety in your areas of study. Don’t pick a small school if you want choices to change your major later on – the choices aren’t there – and transferring may mean that some of your earned credits won’t count thus extend the time needed to graduate. But don’t pick a big school if you wouldn’t be comfortable in a small city because that’s how they roll. Find a smaller school specific to your main interests if that is the case.

    I’ve put two daughters through universities recently – and know the drill. It takes time to decide – and it’s best to apply to more than one – don’t get your heart set on just one – always keep your options open.

    Kudos on trying to spare your parents and maintain your mare – they are lucky to have you and I truly hope it works out.

    College years are/should be wonderful years – here’s wishing you all the wonder and work that will yield tremendous happiness and success in your life. Happy hunting! Let us know what you find!

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    University of Maryland has an equestrian program and isn’t too far from you. As an alum of Virginia Tech, I recommend it, but you said you don’t want to go there. It’s an awesome place though!

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    Oh, and if you want something small, there’s Wilson College in Chambersburg PA.

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    Have you tried the USEF college search? It allows you to select your options and filters colleges for you. Good Luck!

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