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Cosequin ASU vs. Smartflex

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  • Leslie Original Poster Leslie
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    Has anyone tried both (not at the same time)? If so at what dosages and which Smartflex? Which did you find worked better?

    (Really looking for a comparison between the two, not reviews on them individually – Smartpak’s already got that covered :) )

    Anyone use it as a preventative?

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    Odie4Me Odie4Me
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    I have used both on two different horses. My WB is on CosequinASU and my Q/A is on SmartFlex. My WB did not do well on SmartFlex, but is very comfortable on CosequinASU. My 18 year old Q/A is very sound on SmartFlex and I saw no difference when he was on CosequinASU. So, try the SmartFlex first, if after a month no difference, go with CosequinASU. I also tried the CosequinSP, but didn’t like it as much as ASU. There is something about the ASU that really seems to help with joint issues. My WB has great hocks and he is 12 now.
    Good Luck. Hope this helps.

    Leslie Original Poster Leslie
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    Thanks. I use the Cosequin ASU now but was wondering if I’d be able to switch since it’s so expensive. But I’ll just keep with it if it seems to be better. - handmade custom wood-burned brushes, stall signs, & portraits, etched glasses, and custom stuffed ponies

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    I hvae used Smartflex Senior Pellets and Cosequin ASU Plus and have found a big difference in the results.
    My 26 year old Paint was started on Smartflex Senior back in 2011 and I saw a slight improvement in his right leg stiffness. My veterenarian recommended a gram of Bute before each ride while on SmartFlex Sr. My farrier also asked that I give him the same dose of bute before each shoeing.
    I switched him to Cosequin ASU Plus because of the Hyaluronic acid it contains.After a few of months, I noticed big difference. I no longer need to give him bute before rides or shoeings.
    Good luck!

    Enjoy your ride,

    TWH Girl TWH Girl
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    I would be curious to hear as well. 24 yr old is on Smartflex Sr and 11 yr old just started on Cosequin asu about a week ago. Older one quit eating his pellets so i changed to the powder. Now that Cosequin sp is not available, really wish they would offer the Cosequin with msm as an option in between the original and the asu versions. I will post how my guy is doing on the asu…it’s mostly a preventative, but lately i feel like he may have a weak right stifle. We shall see…

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    I had my 18 yr. gelding on Smartflex Sr. pellets (he’s always had minor stifle weakness), which he did very well on. I was forced to switch him to Cosequin ASU only because he decided to stop eating the Smartflex – although he is doing very well on that as well. I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed a huge difference between the two – what I do notice is a positive difference between the Cosequin ASU and the old school Cosequin (which is great in its own right!). Maybe I’ll notice more of a difference come winter – but for now I’d say either is pretty darn good!

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