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    My 7 year old mare has a small crack on the surface of her hoof that goes from the coronary band to the bottom of the hoof. It doesn’t get worse and it doesn’t hurt her. What could cause this and what would be a good supplement for it? My mare is also prone to and has thrush.

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    I’d ask my farrier. My gelding has scar on one hoof that sounds something like what you describe. It’s been there forever, and is not a problem. As to the thrush, different remedies work for different horses. Try (and I know it’s difficult) to keep her feet as clean and dry as you possibly can.

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    I put thrush buster in them everyday and the farrier said don’t worry about it since its just on the surface and hasn’t gotten worse

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    My horse has cracked hooves too. I would use rainmake or any kind of a liquid you apply on the hoof to strengthen it. Not a polish or color, just a conditioner or some sort. You could also start em on hoof supplements for lang lasting results. Hoofmans secret, farriers formula, those are just a few..

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    Here is a tip to help the thrush go away. Since thrush is full of bacteria, wash her hoof with bleach almost every day and try to keep her away or from stepping in moist areas. My Farrier said that the crack from the coronary band to the bottom of the hoof is something that you can’t really help, but as long as its not hurting her, she should be fine.

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    Dry and clean are key to the management of thrush. As much as bleach is an excellent bacterial weapon, and was a common and cheap go-to for thrush years ago, it has long been known that it also will destroy new flesh, thus it is not the best approach to chronic thrush and rarely used beyond an initial scrub and even that is rare now. As the bacteria is killed off, this will expose new, raw and clean flesh, the bleach will burn and irritate it, leaving it open to any bacteria still present, in other words, if not careful one can drive the thrush even deeper into the tissues by using bleach or any other caustic (mouthwashes and liniments). The more prevalent products today are, effectively, cow mastitis medications (farm supply stores), and/or athlete’s foot products combined with triple antibiotic ointments (local pharm), or a vet call. Take care to use only one hoofpick, the same one, on that hoof and clean it after EVERY use so to not transfer and perpetuate the issue. Soak a strip of bandage gauze with Vetrycin or something like it and “floss” the sulcus, medicating there as well. By all means, feel free to bleach any standing surfaces, just not the hoof itself.

    Daily use of products such as ThrushBuster or Dura-sole will definitely dry out any surface you address. This might be why the small crack in her hoof persists tho the crack sounds like the result of a small wound years ago, at the coronary band. If so, it is just the way she grows. Maybe try a bit of vitamin E rubbed into the coronet band above the crack, see if that helps a bit..Be mindful of your/her trim schedule, be religious and consistent about it. Hydrate well from within, keep mud and wet footing off and out of her feet, consider something like Koppertox, a sealant for the sole, when she is rid of the thrush. Once cleared, treatment should be required only once a week or so, depending on the wet factour. Good luck with your mare, Heather B, thrush can be a bear to eliminate when it takes a deep hold.

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    One of my horses had chronic thrush and I tried EVERY topical remedy without success. Finally I checked his feed and treat ingredients for brewers yeast and eliminated them from his diet. The thrush was gone after a couple weeks and he has not had it since. We live in an area with very wet springs and muddy paddocks but he has been thrush free for 8 years and counting.

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    My 29 year old Off the Track Thoroughbred had an abscess in his front hoof when he was 3 years old that occurred within a month after removing his shoes…. (I ride him barefoot because the soil is sandy in our area and I don’t really need shoes. I have foxhunted & evented him for 25 years.) He got a crack from the coronary band to the bottom of his hoof after the abscess at age 3 and still has it. He has never had lameness from the crack. Since he is barefoot, I keep him trimmed short so that the crack doesn’t have an opportunity of widening. So, he has been doing well with it for 22 years. When we competed in rocky, mountainous areas, I applied pine tar to the soles of his feet to avoid any soreness. I hope that you keep your horse trimmed regularly and enjoy riding your horse.

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    Hi, To fix the crack in the hoof you need to kill the bacteria. Vinegar is good at killing those bacteria and doesn’t hurt the hoof at all. You can get White Lighting at most tack shops (Farriers know about this product) and it is activated when you mix it with the vinegar.Read the instructions. It will fix the trush also. I soak for an hour in a boot. Do it twice a week and stop and see how it is before doing it again. To grow hoof faster to get rid of the crack you need to use Corona ointment. Rub Corona on the coronary band twice a day. Once in the morning and at night everyday. I used to work at a harness horse track and we would get horses with quarter cracks. I bought a draft/cross that had a bad quarter crack and my farrier said that I will not fix it because it was cracked all the way up to the coronary band but I did. Have your farrier groove out the bottom to take some of the pressure off of it. Good Luck.

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    I had a Paint mare with this in a hind hoof. She had injured her coronary band as a filly. It was totally superficial. There is nothing that will make it go away as it is a scar that continually grows out. It never gave my mare a problem. I showed her in halter, showmanship, western, english, trail, and over fences. Your farrier or vet can validate whether this is a coronary injury.

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    I know this is an older post and not sure if you had your issue resolved.

    For thrush, I use Destin Maximum. It works great!! Vet and Farrier said it should work fine, but if it doesn’t, let them know. You only need to use 2-3 times per week with Maximum. If you use the regular, you’ll have to apply everyday. I soak, clean and dry the hoofs then put Desitin over the entire bottom of the hoof and in the sulcus or any other cracks in the frog and on the heel bulb. Sometimes he hates me soaking them and can’t get it perfectly clean, but it’s never been an issue. As another poster said, Vinegar works great also. I poor into my water when soaking.

    For hoof wall repair, I have used Absorbine Hooflex Conditioner Liquid. You only need to use this once per week, but you can use this more often as needed. A little goes a long way. You may see a difference within a week. I use Desitin and Hooflex together. I spread the Hooflex (has an attached brush) over the entire hoof… from frog up to coronet band.

    I was told thrush and scratches are caused from moistness. Since I moved my horse from my old boarder to home, my horse has not had scratches at all and thrush is minimal. Ground is more wet here than there. So I’m not 100% sure it was the moistness and may have other factors at play. Good luck with the thrush and the hoof crack.

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