Cushings and metabolic syndrome

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    I have a 24 year old Shetland pony mare that has been diagnosed with thyroid and then cushings. She is on 1 whole tablet of prascend now for about two weeks. She was showing signs of founder so we took blood. Her insulin was high so we are now assuming she has metabolic syndrome. The levels for cushings and from her appears seem to be in good levels. We also took base line X-rays of her front feet and she does have some slight rotation but it is old as of a couple of weeks ago. She is on a total of 1 gram of bute a day and I am hoping to get her on previoc. (If I can get her comfortable). I also started smartpaks for metabolic syndrome, sox for sore feet and senior flex for joints. With the warmer weather the last couple days and being able to go outside for a few hours and move around she seems better. Is there anything else you would recommend to try? I was also wondering if all of this could be given together with out any side effects?

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