Cushings Disease

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    I’m at a crossroads, my Mr. Ed the vet thinks has the onset of Cushings Disease, I’ve read a lot about it and I really need to hear the best way to cope, I don’t think I want to do treatment from what I’ve heard from the Vet, but I don’t have a clear grasp on what I can do via diet and homeopathic changes.

    Can anyone help with advice?

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    Oh I really hope your vet is wrong! Did Mr. Ed have the testing? How old is he? By cope, are you talking about making him comfortable, coping with his symptoms?

    I’ve just had my mare tested (no results yet) but if positive, my vet has recommended a drug treatment that has worked well for his Cushings patients. As far as alternative strategies, I’m not sure I would compromise on my horse’s well-being – if I failed, my horse would develop painful and chronic laminitis. I could not personally gamble like that with my mare. But then I lean more to proven strategies as a rule.

    Not every website has accurate information – I tend to trust as it is vet approved. I know you’ve already done your homework, but just in case here’s a link to some of their Q and A sessions. The podcast is excellent:

    Good luck to you and Mr. Ed. I hope you have many more happy miles together.

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    Cushing’s Syndrome has such a broad range of physical demands… I hope it is not the case for any of you.

    I have a Tb mare here that has had Cushing’s for fifteen years and treated successfully only with a TBSP of Chaste-berry powder in her am feed. The only tell-tale sign of her Cushing’s is her coat growth. NEVER stops. EVER. I clip her early in the spring, again if possible in July (bugs dictate degree of nakedness) and then leave her be thru winter. I have heard of others that do not have such a long run nor do they fare as well. Laminitis and Insulin Resistance are common conditions connected to Cushing’s as Cushing’s is a metabolic ‘interruption’ tho these are manageable thru proper diet (low carb, no sugar, moderate protein, higher fat, good vitamin/mineral supp if needed, and pay attention) along with whatever supplement or medication one chooses to use. Sometimes, homeopathic is not enough, other times, meds are too much.

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