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    I found out my mare has cushings and foundered as a result about a year ago and she was doing good for a while but her feet have recently been getting worse. I have done a fare share of research and I wanted to know the best supplement would be best?
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    Olivia…I am so sorry you and your mare a going through this. My TB gelding has cushing. Do you have your mare on prescription “Prascend” ?


    Chris Chris
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    Speaking as a barefoot trimmer, I’d highly recommend Dr. Eleanor Kellon’s Equine Cushing’s/IR support group for further info. Here’s a link to what may be going on with your mare’s feet (founder refers to coffin bone rotation, while laminitis is stretching/inflammation of the laminar connection, which often results in the coffin bone “sinking” in the hoof capsule):
    You need to find out which of these may apply to your mare, likely requiring X-rays if you don’t already have them.

    Either way, I’d advise that you not ride your mare until you can get this under control and she’s barefoot sound on pavement. A good mineral balance can definitely help with the feet IME (though I know of no evidence it can help reverse Cushing’s). My personal favorite is Hiland’s Big Sky supplement powder (haven’t tried their liquid formulation). The most natural lifestyle possible is best for healthy equine feet, turned out 24/7 in the company of other horses, with frequent supportive trimming.

    You might also try contacting a holistic vet in Florida by the name of Dr. Gerald Wessner:
    I trimmed a mini who grew a summer coat in hot and humid Texas that would be well suited to a Siberian winter! After several months of Dr. Wessner’s homeopathic remedies the little guy’s hair coat and shedding normalized a LOT, leaving him with just a few random tufts of long hair here and there. That would certainly suggest to me a major improvement in his Cushing’s!

    This is a difficult thing to deal with–good luck and keep us posted please!

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