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Cuts on Stomach?

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    I pulled my horse out of his stall one afternoon to find that he had a cut on his stomach. It is located behind his right elbow, about where the girth would go. He has been off for a week because he threw his front left shoe, but I’ve been out every day to groom him. I just noticed it two days ago, so I have ruled out that it came from my girth. The only other plausible thing I could come up with is that he cut himself with his own hoof while laying down; he is shod on all four. He occasionally gets tiny scratches on his elbows from laying down, but this is the first time it’s appeared on his belly and rather severe. It was swollen and SUPER tender to the touch. After one night of bute, the tenderness and swelling is almost gone and a scab has started to form.

    My question is, how can I prevent this in the future? Do you think it is from his hooves when he lays down? He does lay down almost every night, so it’s not unusual behavior at all. Thank You :) My thin skinned TB is always so accident prone.

    Dragon Tea Dragon Tea
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    Do you not cover up his hoof when the shoe is off? That’s what every trainer has taught me to do unless the farrier is coming out that very day to put the shoe back on.

    We usually either pack the foot or cover the hoof in the duct tape star to protect it.

    Smartpak sells a handy emergency option I always keep in my trunk in case of this, haven’t tried the sock but the wrap will only last you a few days:

    Noxx Original Poster Noxx
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    Just to clarify, he has thrown his front LEFT shoe but the cut on on the RIGHT side of his belly, just behind the elbow. I’m asking about how to prevent future cuts on his stomach. I did not go into detail about how I’m caring for his shoeless hoof because I thought it was irrelevant. But it is being taken care of with packs and wraps, especially since he had a wedge on. Thank you though, Dragon Tea, for your time and response.

    Dragon Tea Dragon Tea
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    So… if one of your thoughts was that his shoeless hoof was cutting his belly that would have been my response is to wrap the hoof to prevent it from happening. So I did happen to read your statement, no need to be rude about it.

    If you can’t find the cause of the problem, a vet call may be the response, they are really good at examining a scrap or cut and being able to eliminate possibilities of cause. Almost like a detective in discerning a scrap from wood versus a bite from a brown recluse spider. <– Even though that was an obvious huge difference in type.

    Unless you want to try bubblewrap. Good luck!

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