Dandruff problem

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    My welsh cob has developed a dandruff problem in both his mane and his tail. I have tried MTG with no luck. In the summer months I rinse him with apple cider vinegar, and moisturize with a natural coconut oil based leave-in conditioner, but it only fixes it temporarily. In the winter months when I can’t bathe him (super cold here in WI, unheated barn) it gets extra bad. He also rubs his mane and tail a little occasionally. Wondering if he might be deficient in something and this could maybe be solved with a supplement, or if this is a topical issue. I haven’t seen fleas on him…

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    It might be beneficial to try some type of skin and coat supplement. Or, you could try adding found flax seed to his diet. It might take a little bit of trying different supplements until you find one that works best for him. I have also found Healthy Hair Moisturizer to be very beneficial in helping itching/dandruff. It really does a great job of moisturizing. Good luck!

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    I second ponygirl’s ground flax seed suggestion. I hope it’s not a fungus–they are very hard to get rid of! Has a vet seen him? Since you’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to do, I would recommend a vet call. Mine did a scrape of a dandruffy-looking spot on my mare’s rump and actually grew a culture on her desk at the clinic. It was a fungus.

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    A little corn oil drizzled over his food might do the trick

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    Biotin can help, as well as oils and Omega-3’s for chronic dandruff. But I agree that you should check with your vet to make sure there isn’t something else going on.

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    I have had VERY good luck with Omega Horseshine & Uckele Cocoa Soya used daily. Sounds like it’s an internal problem rather than an external problem! Hope this helps. Both my QH mares have slick, shiny coats 👍🏻🐴

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    Corn oil drizzled on his dinner will help his skin. But that ends up adding a lot of calories and if he’s like any cob I’ve ever had he doesnt need the calories lol.
    I’ve feed the spartpak smartshine ultra it has flax and omegas in it. I could see a noticable difference after about 4 weeks feeding it. Made a very shiny coat and nice skin.

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