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    So, I have a fantastic little mustang mare. She cycles more than any mare I’ve ever seen before, and shows it in a very unusual way. When she’s in heat, she doesn’t get ornery or mean, never sensitive or touchy.

    She’s the opposite.

    She wants you to love on her and itch her all over. If you’re a guy, super plus. If you pay her any attention, eventually she ‘squirts’, holds her tail to the side and ‘winks’ at you while chomping at the air with her mouth. She tries to shove buckets up between her legs, sits on fences between herself and geldings(even electric wire, watched her get shocked 3x in a row)

    I’ve tried looking at different supplements or anything really to help get this under control. It seems that with every heat that passes she gets more and more ‘desperate’ to be bred. She convinced one gelding one day to mount and penetrate her, that was fun- but with all my looking I can only find things for mares that are sore and mean and the typical ‘mare in heat’… I have had her since she was 18 months old, straight from the pens, and she’s never been bred. She has always begged geldings since her first heat. The joke in the barn is that I’ll have to breed her in order for her to get over herself. I REALLY do not want to do that.

    She is in a mare only group, and isn’t ornery to anyone, but when you bring her in for anything or any reason she will start trying to convince people to ‘love’ on her.

    So, what do you guys think? Has anyone else encountered this? I’m also tempted to ask my vet about the birth control they dart the mares with in the herd management areas to see if that would be helpful at all….

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    I would recommend trying chaste berry. Get the seed whole & use a coffee grinder to make it into a powder for adding to her feed. One of my friends found this helped when raspberry leaves didn’t. When I had my horse boarded there was a mare there that had to have hormone control used. It worked just like Depo with 5 small strips inserted just under the skin on her neck. Worked wonders. Good luck!

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    Forgot to add I believe Smartpak also carries a chaste tree berry supplement… SmartMare Harmony pellets, it has calming supplements as well as the chaste tree berry. I’ve never tried it but their supplements usually work.

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    I had a mare with similar issues so my vet suggested we put a marble in her uterus….he put a large sterile marble in her uterus when she was in heat, so that the cervix was open. It tricked her body into thinking it was pregnant. Worked really well and it’s still in her years later!

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    I use chaste tree berry powder or vitex as it’s called. I have a mare that cycles alot, I tried raspberry leaf and it didn’t work but this does. I’ll give her 1 TB in AM and another in PM if she’s still exhibiting signs. It helps to regulate hormones. You can read about it more and even order a mix at Dr Mark DePaolo’s site.
    This one is straight chaste tree berry:
    Chaste Tree Berry Powder

    This one is a mix which has other herbs added to chaste tree berry for hormonal issues like maca, wild yam plus other herbs for metabolic issues which is also connected to hormone related problems. Does she tend to be an easy keeper? Make sure you never give her grain with sugar, molasses like sweet feed. It makes the problem worse. I feed a whole food diet like whole oats, omega horseshine for the flax, aminos, vitamins, omega 3s, carrots, apples, berries, Redmond salts for minerals, electrolytes.

    Or you can order the organic chaste tree berry powder here. I buy it by the pound already ground to powder. You can also read the reviews, alot of people buy it there that have horses.

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