Difficulty in getting my horse to move at times.

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    It seems that bathroom issues make it difficult for my horse to want to move, even though it is the best way to get things moving in his gut.
    Even with a little spank he is adamant. Many horses move and poop at the same time while my horse and I spend a lot of time getting him comfortable. Please advise.

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    Your horse’s elimination is a very personal thing..treat him with respect and let him do it his way

    Odie4Me Odie4Me
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    My horse does the same thing. He stops to go and I don’t mind, because then I don’t have to go halfway around the arena with the pitchfork picking up poop pieces.

    Sharpei Horse
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    I actually make mine stop when they poop because as mentioned in last post…I don’t want to pick up sections of poop, just one pile. I used to make my horses go forward when pooping, but it was torture and so when I made them stop when pooping, I found when I needed them to go forward like at a show, they seem to always comply. Maybe they think they’re getting away with something or I’ve just been lucky.
    Make it your idea for the horse to stop when pooping and then go right back to work as soon as he’s finished. That’s what I do. Eventually they will get the idea its not a way to get to stop for a break. Don’t let him take advantage though…my friend’s horse slows like he’s going to poop and she halts him and then he doesn’t. It’s kind of funny that he’s so smart to learn that or rather to train my friend to do that. The horse is always trying to train us so remember that when you see him getting his way too much. You have to trick him into thinking its really your idea.

    Leslie Leslie
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    I don’t like them to stop because then they think that is acceptable at a horse show. I don’t think it’s fair to train one thing at home and expect them to forget it at the show. If you aren’t showing and don’t care then that’s fine. But it’s not mean to make them go they are perfectly capable of it – in the wild if a horse stopped to poop when running away from a predator he’d be eaten.

    OP, do you mean he doesn’t want to move when he is uncomfortable/not feeling well, or when he is actually pooping?

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    I am so confused about what is going on with him. He looks healthy, eats well, is connecting with me when we play on the ground with strategy games such as sideways over an object, all fours on a pedestal and going backwards at liberty. However when we are riding he wants to stop several times to poop (or not, the real problem)and he does seem stressed about it or uncomfortable. I do not want to interfere with the good in our relationship but this is frustrating.

    Odie4Me Odie4Me
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    If your horse is really uncomfortable moving, he would act that way either on the lunge or under saddle. See how he acts under saddle on the lunge line and see if he stops to poop a lot. Then get on him and see if he stops to poop. If it is the same with both, then he really may have an issue, either with the saddle or internal. In any case, I would have the vet take a look and make sure there isn’t anything physically wrong. If nothing is wrong, then it’s behavioral and you will just have to make him move and not get away with this particular evasion.
    My horse used to stop all the time, finally I had the vet look at him, though the saddle had been fitted to him by an experienced saddle fitter, it was pinching him and making him sore, so he didn’t want to move forward. It was only when I was on his back. Not on the lunge. Of course when I was on him, I asked for more collection, so when his shoulders came up, the saddle pinched. I am only 115 pounds, so it wasn’t a weight issue. 🙂

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