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Disabled Rider Needing Sponsorship for Horse Shows

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    To whom it may concern:
    I am not sure who I would need to talk to about seeing if you could help me? I was hoping you might would post this in the and people would read it and help me. I have attached some photos.
    Thank you.

    My name is Jamie Dowdy. I am 33 years old and have a disability called Cerebral Palsy and Seizures which affects my whole body. Because of this I use my wheelchair/motorized wheelchair to get around in. I am a Veterinary Tech Assistant. Because of this I am not able to work. If I do it will mess up my SSI and Medicaid. I do volunteer at the “Share Center in Terrell,Tx ” when my health will allow me to.
    My horse, a gelding named “Billy Ray Scribbles”. He passed away about 2 months ago and was 23 years old. I had him since he was 6 and I trained him to do everything he knew because I don’t ride like everyone else. He was trained voice command. I use my legs but not much. When I ride I have to wear a seatbelt attached to my saddle because I have no leg strength to hold on with. When I was in high-school I rode in high-school rodeo and play days.
    Now I ride in horse shows for “Physically Challenged”. I show in Trail and Western Pleasure Class. I hope I will be able to show in reining. I want to start showing in bigger shows and meet new people like myself that ride. I would like to be able to show at the Paralympics one day. The last couple years I have not been able to ride much because of health issues.
    Since Billy Ray passed away I have been riding at a Therapeutic Riding Center called “Stable Strides”. They take me to horse shows about 3 or 4 times a month but I have to pay for all of my show expenses. To be able to do this I will need some help from individuals like you.

    The last couple years I have not been able to ride much because of health issues. This year I pray that God gives me the strength to have a better year?

    These are only a few of the things I will need to be able to attend one horse show. If you are just able to donate something, that would help out also, I need a lot of stuff to be able to get my horse and myself to these horse shows.

    “For my horse:”
    Tailoring horse to show & back home: $250.00
    Stall x 3 days = $25.00 a day =$75.00
    Grooming Supplies= $50.00

    “Things for Myself and my Mom cause I can’t go by myself”
    Show Clothes for Myself= $200.00 an outfit Jeans & Show Shirt x 2
    **Size 32×30; Shirt M ladies
    Food= $30.00 x 3 days=$150.00
    Gas= $80.00 there & $80.00 back =$160.00
    Hotel= $55.00 a night x 3= $165.00

    “Here are the sponsorship levels I am offering this season 2016”

    1) $50.00 – $100.00 : A picture of Myself on my horse
    2) $500.00: Signed picture of Myself on my horse, Name of Company/Organization on my stall door.
    3) $1000.00: Signed Picture of Myself on my horse from every show;
    Name of Company/Organization on Stall Door.
    Video of me showing my horse at shows.
    4) $5000.00: Signed Picture of Myself on my horse from every show;
    Name of Company/Organization on my stall door at every event I ride at. I will put your name/ logo on my shirt. And a video of me riding my horse at the shows.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will be able to help even if it is just a little something. Everything goes a long way with everybody’s help.

    Thank you in advance &
    God Bless,
    Jamie Dowdy

    SmartPaker Jessy SmartPaker Jessy
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    Hi Jamie, Thank you for sharing your story!

    SmartPak is happy to provide support for individuals, shows, and events throughout the year. To submit a request for sponsorship from SmartPak, please visit the link below and fill out the form that is found there. Although the form is geared toward event sponsorship, it is the only way to ensure that our Sponsorship Team receives all of the information that they need to consider each request and we ask that you fill it out to the best of your abilities:

    We do our best to support as many opportunities as we can, but unfortunately we aren’t always able to fund all of the numerous requests we receive each month and we hope you understand! We’ll be sure to reach out to you within two weeks of submitting a request if we are able to sponsor your event.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns; we’re always happy to help!

    -SmartPaker Jessy

    SmartPaker Jessy

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