do i need a saddle?

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    currently ive been using the saddle thats assigned for the horse im riding, but some dont fit me as well as they should (im 6ft tall), should i consider buying my own saddle? (my instructor said i should think about it) does it make that big of a diff to have a saddle fit you perfectly for jumping? besides for the cost concern, shouldnt i be worried that the saddle i buy wont fit the different horses i ride?

    pheets pheets
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    Saddle fit. Yes, how it fits the horse is critical, how it fits the rider, equally so. A poorly fitting saddle for the rider will not allow freedom of, correct or effective equitation, or consistency in position and communication. Won’t do anything positive for the horse, either, if the rider has to squirm and plant to find and stay correct.

    Where you mention jumping, I am going to accept that you are a regular rider and have intentions of continuing. IF this be the case, I would consider leasing a horse. This way, you are not having to adjust for different horses. There ARE adjustable saddle brands out there and you might want to consider those as well tho even those types can adjust only so much. At this point, I would be inclined to consult a bona fide saddler for the right style, model and fit for all involved. Most are pretty savvy about brand names and how each saddle should fit a horse. If leasing is not an option, this makes it a bit tougher to utilize one saddle but again, saddle fit is a key point in successful and comfortable rides and happy horses. You might have to limit the diversity of horses that you currently ride, for now, in order to stick with a better fit. Research will become your new best friend : ) Good luck with this, proper tack, ‘specially saddles, can be a bear of an adventure but sooo worth it in the end (no pun intended ; )

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    It’s hard to have your own saddle when you’re riding different horses every time but I did it – and it helps tremendously to have a saddle that fits you and works for you rather than against you.

    I bought a saddle that was on the wider side and added extra padding as needed to fit the horse. Granted it won’t be perfect but chances are if your trainer is suggesting having one saddle to use on all her horses she isn’t too concerned about it – a ride every once in a while in a saddle that requires extra/different padding to fit isn’t going to cause any long term damage. It is more comfortable for the horses too if you are able to stay with them and balanced over them jumps (and on the flat). Obviously if it doesn’t even come close to fitting then don’t use it on that horse. You can take saddles on trial before you buy them, check the fit for you, and try them on the horses you’ll be riding and see if you can find one that will work for most. And again…opt for too wide – you cannot pad up a too narrow saddle to fit.

    If it gets to the point where you lease a horse or buy a horse, you will likely need to buy a new saddle and have a professional saddle fitter come out to fit it to the horse. Riding in a poorly fitting saddle over a long period of time is much different than riding in it for one ride and can cause long term issues. You’ll want it to fit without extra padding, because even a decent but not perfectly fitting saddle can cause soreness after time, because the same spots that don’t fit will be the same spots every time and can eventually get sore. - handmade custom wood-burned brushes, stall signs, & portraits, etched glasses, and custom stuffed ponies

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    thanks for the advice, but leasing a horse isnt an option for me now because of the cost, but im going to ask if i can ride one horse consistently if i do get a saddle.

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    It’s good to ride different horses — just have your trainer look at the saddle and help select appropriate padding for the horse you ride that lesson so you can both be comfortable. - handmade custom wood-burned brushes, stall signs, & portraits, etched glasses, and custom stuffed ponies

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    the Harry Dabbs Yves Cazeneuve has a spring tree and in a medium width will fit alot of horses. I also have a Harry dabbs close contact saddle with a medium tree which is a Spring tree and it fits both my Belgian warmblood and TB jumper well.but there is no knee roll with the close contact saddle .

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    I don’t do any english riding, but I can tell you from western experience, the saddle makes all the difference.
    The hardest part is finding a saddle that fits you AND your horse. It’s pretty easy to find one that fits you.

    If you can find one, I would get one like Esmeralda said, one that is flexible and can fit more than one type of body style horse.

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    There are many saddle options now that have adjustable trees. Since you will be riding many different horses and maybe one day will get your own this is something that you could look into. I don’t know your price point or what saddles fit you, but there are inexpensive synthetics like a Wintec and there are leather options like Pessoa, Circuit, Bates, Ovation and Collegiate. You will have see what fits best both your body and budget. Happy shopping!

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    Perfect saddle fit for any riding activity is a must! In your case I’d highly recommend looking into buying an all purpose Wintec saddle with interchangeable gullets. That way the saddle fits you 100% , and you can also make it custom fit all the other horses you ride with just the need of a screw driver ๐Ÿ™‚ They normally run for $500-$700 depends, but it would seriously be something I’d get if I were in your situation. ๐Ÿ™‚

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