Do they really work?

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    Do color enhancing shampoos really work (like the ones for bays,chestnuts,ect) is it just a marketing trick? If they do work does anyone have a favorite brand? Thanks

    IrishMelody IrishMelody
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    Not sure about for dark shampoos, but Quic Silver shampoo works. It goes on purple and really brightens up the white. Unless you have a horse who just loves to roll in manure, so that even on show day there are green spots. I would wager that the Quic Black and Quic Color shampoo from the same company would work just as well.

    DesertHorses DesertHorses
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    Hi Maddy ~
    Rusty looking blacks are often a sign of copper deficiency. Even if your feed and supplements provide an adequate amount of copper (90 to 125 mg for an “average” 1,000 lb horse, high iron/manganese or sulfur levels can interfere with absorption and cause a “relative” deficiency.
    Most color enhancing supplements contain additional copper (and, sometimes, other trace minerals), plus fat and Omega-3 sources, all of which will enhance coats, in addition to paprika.
    You can test your hay for excessive iron, manganese and sulfur levels and check your water company’s annual report for sulfur.
    There’s a really good explanation on coat color, melanin, etc. here:

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    Rhinestone Cowgirl Rhinestone Cowgirl
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    As DesertHorses explained, coat color really happens from the inside out, and no shampoo will correct diet deficiencies and turn a faded brown coat into a rich black. Sun fading is also a huge factor here in Texas, particularly if sweat is left on a horse, which results in a bleaching effect. That being said, there are products effective at enhancing coat color. Shapley’s Equitone color shampoos are great for producing richer color, depth and radiance, and the effect increases with use. Triple J Honey Lustre shampoo is also great at intensifying dark coats. For a whitening shampoo, I have been most pleased with the results from Xtreme Showhite shampoo. I have a paint and an Appy that I use this product on frequently. It leaves their white hair dazzling and their chestnut markings gleaming. It’s gentle and highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. For a dry shampoo for touch-ups at shows and in winter, I use Lucky Braids Whitener and Touch Up Spray.

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    Thanks for the tip on white coats. I was wondering what to use to help get my white(now grey) horse back to white when the weather gets nice again.

    Like everyone has said it’s all about the inside. I used smartdark and handsome for a month with my boy just to see if it helped him(he was getting a little bleached looking). It worked really well, he’s a dark bay. So after doing some more research, I put him back on his omega 3 and changed his grain some. Now he’s back to his dappled, shiny dark bay coat with no bleach spots.

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