Dublin Vs. Ariat

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    It is now the time for a new pair of paddock boots and gaiters, I have had the Dublin Defy gaiter and Jod boot and they have held up pretty well over the past 2 years considering that I am at the stables every day of the week…

    I don’t know whether to go with Ariat or Dublin, I have only ever had Dublin boots so i don’t know which way to go??

    Mapale Mapale
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    It depends on the boot and the fit. I have both Dublin and Ariat favorites. My Dublin River Boot is my all time favorite winter riding boot, as comfortable walking as riding. But my Ariat paddock boots are the most used boots I own. I’m working on the nth iteration of them. When these wear out I’ll get another pair. Daughter prefers the Dublin paddock boot (but I think it’s a cosmetic thing for her). I also have an indispensable pair of Tuffrider quilted field boots, inexpensive, and great for everyday riding – then I don’t have to mess with half chaps. Personal preferences… happy hunting!

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    It is partly a matter of personal preference and the purpose for which they will be used. I wear clogs in the barn (except when I need rubber boots because of mud), but prefer to ride in boots and breeches. Unless, of course, I am so lazy that I ride barefoot in jeans or shorts. For showing, if you are over 18, you should be wearing field or dress boots with breeches.

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    Ariats tend to fit narrow feet very well, and do actually come in a B width. Not sure about the fit for normally wide feet with Araits.

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