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    Hey everyone- so I got this 4 year old Sheykh Obeyd Egyptian stallion in May this year, was completely terrified of him for most of June and July, finally worked up the confidence at the end of July to work with him, trained him on the ground extensively for all of last month and here we are in September- getting ready to ride him for the first time in his life. I practice natural horsemanship and the reason I’m putting that is because I am thinking about joining the endurance world! And natural horsemanship will follow me into competition. Have you heard of Rick Gore? My natural horsemanship is based on his methods. I love trail riding and I think it would be fun to do some competitive trail riding! I want to know how well suited (based on these photos) you guys think my horse is for Endurance. He’s about 14.2hh, 750+- lbs. he has good, solid feet and he could use some thickening and muscle on his rump I know for sure. But what are your thoughts? (He’s being gelded by the end of the month for sure)

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    No horse is incapable of learning- riders are just incapable of teaching

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    Hi. I don’t know much about endurance – – except that I bought my current horse (now a baby foxhunter and low level eventing prospect) from an elite endurance rider who thought he was too lazy for endurance. This got me a little interested in the sport just by association, and wanting to know a bit about his history. I stand by my assertion that a Tevis Cup winner’s definition of ‘too lazy’ is a bit skewed, because nobody since has attributed this trait to my little boy 🙂 I will note that as a part Arab (probably mixed with a Thoroughbred-y Appendix QH) he’s more solidly built than most Arabs, but I do think a lot of the Arabs I’ve seen in endurance are of the somewhat more ‘solid’ Polish build. An endurance rider at my barn indicated she thinks the Polish and Russian lines are more hearty generally than the Egyptian lines, but I think that was just her personal preference. The Akhal Tekes are absolute toothpicks, and by all accounts hard as nails, so who knows. It also seems to me that you’ve got your more classically built Egyptians, with more substance, and then your ‘caricature’ Egyptians who may have had some substance breed out by those who are just obsessed with long necks and teacup muzzles. Your guy doesn’t look like that to me. Like you said, he just needs to do a little body building, but he’s 4 so that is what it is right now.

    I do know you’ve got your ‘trotters’ and your ‘canterers’ in endurance and you’ve just got to work with your horse as he finds his balance under saddle to figure out which gait is more efficient and comfortable for him to maintain.

    At any rate, I hate to see a thread with no response, and since I’m no wealth of knowledge myself on the subject, here’s an article I found. Maybe you’ll find it useful:


    Good luck with your project. No matter what you do with him, he’s darling!

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    Thank you so much!

    No horse is incapable of learning- riders are just incapable of teaching

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