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  • kendra_seelhoff Original Poster
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    Just wanted everyone to know, that the retesting of EPM on Duke, shows he is clean off all Protozoa. Thank god for the drug Orogin, and Pathogens Research! 100% sound and a whole lot happier animal!

    Mapale Mapale
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    I’m so delighted for you! Thanks for posting! Continued good health to Duke as well!

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    Joan Fry
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    I am really happy for you, having just lost one to EPM. I hope you caught it in time and Duke has no lingering after-effects. How did the vet test for the presence of protozoa? I never even thought to ask my vet that when we stopped treatment. I live in the CA high desert, and it’s extremely rare in this area.

    kendra_seelhoff Original Poster
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    Thanks, they ran EPM peptide, ELSA 3 way, SAG, and CRP. All were above 8 before treatment, and 2 or less after treatment. Duke has no side effects, and even competed during treatment. Mostly was cranky! I am very sorry to hear about your horse. We are guessing Duke had it for approx. a year. my vet has nothing but success with Orogin. All of his clients have remained in remission for over a year. Since EPM is common here, my vet is very quick to catch changes. I just want people to know there are alternatives to Marquis.

    Joan Fry
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    That’s great news! And thank for being so specific about testing for protozoa–and for spreading the word about Orogin. I hope Duke is no longer cranky!

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    I have a 10 year old diagnosed with EPM through acupuncture points in the chest. Doc did a blood transfusion from good poins to the points that showed up and 2 bottles of sulfur. I am going next week to a second vet for a second look and possible blood work.Can anyone give me things to push for in my vet to check? Needing some support in any form. I never herd about this tell about a month ago and am terrified.

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