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    My trainer has suggested that I look into equine insurance, as the more training I put on my mare, the less likely it would be that if something were to happen to her that I would be able to replace her with a similarly trained horse. It would also be nice to have some kind of medical coverage just in case. When my old mare passed away the total bill came to $400, but the vet didn’t charge me for the second farm call, second time tubing, or half of the drugs that she used. I am sure that if she had it would have been $500+. Looks like most of the insurance policies I have looked at have a $300 deductible, so that would be nice.

    Beyond that I really have no idea where to start in this whole process. I don’t even really know what a lot of the terms that I am reading mean. I have one more year on my parents insurance so I have never really had to look into anything to do with insurance before. I am also really not sure how to value my horse. She is a 5 year old unregistered draft cross, but in my area draft crosses tend to go for $3000+. I paid $2000 for her, but I am sure to replace her I would have to pay the $3000+. Is this amount something that I could even get insured? Seems like a lot of the companies that I am looking at cater to the 5-figure price tag crowd. Anybody have any suggestions for good companies to look at? So far I have only seriously looked at Markel, and Blue Bridle.

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    I use Broadstone Equine Insurance – they are great! My horse is an OTTB, 12 years old and I am an amateur competitor. I have mortality for $5,000 and major medical for $7,500 with a $300 deductible. Colic surgery is also covered separate from the major medical. I also have $500,000 in liability insurance, and the total premium is a little over $500 a year. Last November he had to have hoof surgery on an abscess that wouldn’t heal and they covered everything that was supposed to be covered and I received checks within 2 days of filing the claim and claim additions. Total costs were over $2600. And they didn’t increase my premium this year or cancel the coverage. I highly recommend them.

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    I second terry_tucker, I have two horses insured with Broadstone. I have no complaints.

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    I have owned many, many registered quarter horses and paints for more than 35 years and have never purchased insurance. If you manage and give proper attention to your horse as well as not putting yourself or your horse in uncertain situations, you can avoid most disasters. Vaccinations, regular worming, removing items around her that could be harmful, and not riding into situations that obviously could go south. In other words, be pro-active instead of dealing with the problem after the fact. Yes, I have lost a horse or two, but that loss would not have begun to pay for the insurance premiums over all those years. Obviously if you have a multi-million dollar performance horse, then insurance would be a must.

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    I will very highly suggest you stay AWAY from Markel Insurance. They would not pay a claim on my Hollywood Dunit Stallion because I did not contact them FIRST when he started to colic. My concern was getting him to a vet, not calling the insurance company, but they fought me for over a year and I finally gave up, it was a losing battle. I now use Hartford and “unfortunately” I recently had a very large loss and they were amazing and paid me very quickly. Their compassion was beyond compare.
    I have heard from more than a few about the problems with markel.

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    My carrier through Broadstone is The Hartford, so I totally agree with horsecop about their service.

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