Exercies For My New Horse

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    What are some exercies that I can do with my new mare to get her back on the barrel pattern? Also what are some things I can do to build up some muscle. I do not have very many hills so I can not do that. Please help she has been sitting for over a year and right now we are just doing slow work around the barrels. Please Help!

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    Trotting will help her muscle tone, with or without hills. You can also do flexing exercises, both in hand and under saddle. Why was she not working? Weather or some physical issue? Varying what you do will keep her alert and (hopefully) not bored. Work other patterns – serpentines, figure 8s, diagonal work, etc. as well.

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    She was out of work because the man I got her from had another grey mare that he was working with and he did not ride over the winter and she only got rode once last summer.

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    You want to increase flexibility as well as stamina and working on leg yielding will do that. I found this link that describes in detail how to do exercises in leg yielding:

    Also I used to spiral-in leg yield and spiral-out with my barrel horse years ago as a warm up exercise.

    Warm up with carrot stretches and leg stretches before you get on. I’ll describe those if you aren’t familiar with them.

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    YES: spiraling circles, large to small and back to large at walk, trot, and canter (eventually). Let the walk move and swing. Lateral work will also help to stretch out and condition those crank-tightly-around-a-barrel muscles : )

    Start slow, build up as she gains ability, fitness and comfort. Lots of praise when work is well done.

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    Also be sure that your saddle fits and continues to fit as your horse develops. Poor saddle fit can prevent your horse from developing those top line muscles and can cause numerous lameness issues. Note: proper fit is not determined by sweat patterns alone.

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    one way to build up muscles is to go over ground poles (at a trot works best.) forces them to really pick up their feet and move. I prefer to lunge over ground poles before riding over them when conditioning. free lunging over ground poles works best for me, but you need a more complex setup to keep your horse from running around them…

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    ALL really good advice from everyone. I will tell you from my own experience with an OTTB that stretches on the ground and riding long and low are huge in allowing the horse to find balance and freedom of movement which allows them to develop athleticism. We remodeled a club foot and developed strong symmetric drive from his hocks and a supple back thru stretches from Lisa Carter on fb and at Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage…good luck and success!

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