Favorite jumping saddle?

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    My all-time favorite is my custom Antares jumping saddle, which I’ve had for over 10 years now. Anybody else?

    Jon Jon
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    Old School Steuben Siegfried VSS. Same saddle that I have been using for 20 years.

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    Butet close contact 🙂 first saddle with knee blocks and I’ve never felt so secure

    FadingTwilight FadingTwilight
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    Passier GT dressage!! 🙂


    SaluteAtX SaluteAtX
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    I focus on dressage now, but I used to love, love, love my CWD.

    Dragon Tea Dragon Tea
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    Harry Dabbs, hands down.

    Leslie Leslie
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    Love my County Innovation! My horse does too 🙂

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    Hunter Princess
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    CWD is by far the best I’ve ridden in. Super comfortable for both horse and rider 🙂

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    Stubben Roxanne, pretty sure they are discontinued, but I love that saddle!

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    I love my Barnsby close contact but it doesn’t fit my current horses. My Harry Dabbs close contact is a very close second and with its spring tree fits both my horses. and the Harry dabbs yves cazeneuve is an awesome all purpose saddle. my friend has one and I covet it

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    Bruno Delgrange all the way! I want to be buried with my saddle!

    Sweeter_than_Sugar777 Sweeter_than_Sugar777
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    I have a Pessoa and I adore it

    When Pigs Fly, Sweeter_than_Sugar777

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    Beval Natural 🙂

    stockshowkid’97 stockshowkid'97
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    I want to try and Wintec. They look so comfy. 🙂 I’ve had an all purpose English saddle (don’t know the brand) and it was a good saddle, just didn’t fit my girl and I grew out of it 😛

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    cece_g cece_g
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    I bought an HDR and I really like it, but my all-time favorite was a Dover Circuit that belongs to my instructor… but Dover Circuits were like $500 out of my price range haha

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