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    Good morning….my horse managed to incur a Deep Digital Flexor tendon injury. Treatment is ongoing but the horse does not do well on stall rest. As long as the horses are inside he is fine, but, as soon as it comes time for turnout, he paces himself into a sweaty knot of anxiety..obviously not what is good for a recovering tendon. For the short term we are trying a small amount of Ace, about 2 ccs, about 30-45 minutes prior to the horses getting turned out in the hopes it will keep him more settled. The problem is that we don’t want to keep this up obviously.

    I am trying to locate a feed through that people have had good success with. I’ve tried a few previously but even on horses I wouldn’t have considered overly anxious, but they barely registered; this horse is going to need a stronger opponent but really just to get him through the turnout routine and a couple of hours beyond, but, if it acts longer it certainly won’t hurt matters.

    I did speak to his vet at length about this but she doesn’t have any one preference. As she indicated, and as others have said, each horse reacts differently. I am also researching some much lower in sugar type feeds to hopefully chill down the energy level. Reserpine was mentioned by the vet but I have gotten a bunch of shudders when I mentioned it.


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    Is it possible to leave at least one horse inside with him? That might be the best thing. One of mine pitches a fit and falls in it if she does not have someone in the next stall, one just doesn’t like to be in at all, and one doesn’t care as long as he has something to eat. Have tried several calming supplements, but none of them fixed that issue, although they did help with some others.

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    I’ve heard good things about Via Calm by Animed, I’m actually gonna give it a try myself, you can find it just about anywhere

    Peg Briden
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    I have had success with MMX from HorseTech – I think that’s the company – my horse had a (for him) traumatic incident a few years ago and gets very anxious ….I tried other calming supplements with mixed results, would try them for about 8 weeks to give a good trial run but meh…..then a friend recommended MMX and I have had the best results so far. It’s a powder so it mixes easily with feed…..and with bananas! I will pieces of banana to his feed and he scarfs up everything….if your horse is not getting any or very little grain, try it with banana or apple sauce……

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    I second Joe-Joe’s suggestion of a companion horse! If you can’t leave another horse in the barn, perhaps you could temporarily fence off a small section of your turnout area with panels or electric tape. Where your guy can still see and be close to the others, but has limited room for movement? Then place little piles of hay in various locations to simulate grazing and keep him occupied if it’s a dry lot.

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    Just to update on what finally happened :). No one calmer ever worked. Given the tendon rehab issue, I placed the horse on Smart R&R which had SmartTranqulity added and allowed me to continue the Smart Digest Ultra I had been using along with the Tendon Rehab support. His feed was switched to Cavalor Pianissimo, which has a natural calmer that won’t test as forbidden and, in consultation with the vet, we added Reserpine for the in stall confinement time. Once he was cleared for rehab paddock turnout, and boy was he happy :), we used a combination of ACE and Xylazene just to be careful of any “I’m finally free” type exuberance, but, he was only on that for about 3 weeks before we realized he didn’t need it any more. He is now off of all the calmers, back on his regular Smartpaks of SmartCombo Ultimate, still feeding with the Pianissimo, back in full work, back in full turnout with a new friend again and doing great. The pic was his first day in rehab turnout roughly 90 days post injury.

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