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    Hi everyone!

    I am in need of some advice! I have an 8 year old Paint gelding who is a big pain in the butt when it comes to blankets- or keeping them on rather.

    We live in Phoenix, AZ, so it doesn’t get too cold here, but I am looking for a blanket that is both fitting and practical for the both of us. I think I am looking for a medium-insulated blanket as I want to reduce the winter coat he grows and help keep him warm. He is in a cover stall, but the wind can still get to him.

    I need durable now. Something that won’t fall apart or that is tough for when he tries to get undressed. I am not opposed to the tail flap, but I like the ones without them a little better. One less thing for him to snag it on. My price point is under $150 preferably, but if I find something perfect, I’ll splurge. Any recommendations??

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    Hey Sam – as a SmartPaker and a total blanket nerd, I’m obviously going to be a bit biased and say that I love just about every blanket we carry for its own special reasons (they’re a bit like kids or ponies that way…). That said, I can narrow down my recommendations based on what you’ve told me about Rocket (who is totally adorable, btw).
    My own horse (24-year-old QH gelding named Cody – seen in the picture below hamming it up for Santa) is very gentle on his blankets, but his pasture mates definitely are not, so I can sympathize with searching for a stock-horse-type blanket that’s going to last. And as a rider with a real world job, I can relate to having to work with a reasonable budget! So, here are my top picks for you, along with a brief explanation for each one (note: these are all waterproof turnout blankets, so they’re good inside and out. If Rocket never gets turned out, let me know and I will happily suggest some stable blankets) :
    1. Rockin’ SP Deluxe Waterproof Blanket – $159.95 for the medium weight ($143.96 if your horse is on SmartPaks!). Cody has worn the original SmartPak Deluxe turnout for the last two years, and it has held up really well for him. This is SmartPak’s first year introducing the Rockin’ SP line, and I can’t wait to try it on him. All Rockin’ SP horse apparel is cut to fit stock-type horses (like QHs and Paints), so I think it’s going to fit great (the Rockin’ SP fly sheet fits my fellow SmartPaker’s Paint really well). You can check it out here:
    2. Big D Sterling Medium Turnout – $129.95 – I have always loved Big D, and there’s a reason this brand is wildly popular in western riding barns – the products are high quality, they’re stylish, they’re built for stock-type horses, and they’re just plain NICE. That said, this turnout only has a 600 denier exterior (compared to the Rockin’ SP Deluxe’s 1200D), so it won’t be quite as durable if he’s rough on his blankies. Big D does make tougher turnout blankets, but not in the medium weight.
    3. SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket – $199.95 – This one is obviously stretching your budget, but if Rocket is tough on his blankets, it’s worth the investment. With a 10-year guarantee, if this turnout gets torn, SmartPak will replace it at no cost, saving you the expense of buying a new turnout ($200/10 years = $20 a year for a really nice turnout!). While this one isn’t cut specifically for stock-type horses, as I mentioned in #1, my QH has always fit nicely in the SmartPak line of blankets.

    I hope this was helpful for you and Rocket, even if it’s just giving you a place to start. If you have more questions, want other suggestions, or just want to talk blankets more, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout. Have a great ride!



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    While I’m a loyal smartpaker, I hate to admit that I happen to really like Schneider’s blankets. BUUUTTT I have a QH, and a lot of their blankets are make for this type of horse build. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have an Amigo that I’m really fond of. It just doesn’t fit my guy very well. Amigo and weatherbeeta are good brands. I’ve heard good things about the smartpak brand blankets as well.

    Check out the blanket fit guide for smartpak and schneiders. I like to use the one at schneiders when shopping as it breaks down the fit and the type of horse builds they work best for. Even if I return back to smartpak to purchase. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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