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    Is white flaking normal on the sole of the foot? I’m a new horse owner and I just recently switched supplements from Command Coat and Hoof to Smart Pak Ultra Combo. My horses hooves where really thin and the hoof wall was separated. I was advised by my trainer to start using a supplement to help build the hoof wall. I have done this for over a year but now this summer I am noticing that the sole of the hoof is starting to flake. When I clean the hoof it’s like a white powder coming off of it. Anyone else have this? My farrier says this is “ok”. I may be just over worrying, but some other opinions would be nice. Thanks.

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    Sometimes when the feet get long, I have seen this happen. Usually not a big deal in my experience. If you truly have just switched supplements in the last month or so, it could be the body’s way of adjusting to the change….just a thought. 🙂

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    When my horse is due for a trim, his feet do this as well.
    I’ve asked my farrier about it. He told me it’s just like when we peel and not a big deal.
    Sometimes if they go from wet to dry to wet to dry their feet will do this as well.

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    Totally normal! Good actually. He’s growing new healthy sole and is exfoliating the old sole he doesn’t need.

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    Absolutely normal the sole and frog will slough off as it grows and exfoliates. Am assuming your horse is Barefoot? He needs to build up toe callous which will happen with time and conditioning and the wall will also strengthen and bond your inner to outer wall. We have 7 horses 5 competing at top level and all barefoot and we see this particularly in the summer when the ground is wetter. Perhaps speak to your farrier if he would recomend a sole hardner which you could use but never on the frog or outer wall

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