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    Ok…I know that you all have had or are still having problems with the flies, especially if you live near by other livestock. I live out here in the middle of the Mojave and the flies are just ridiculous. I have tried everything. I go through about 20 fly bags and 20 or so fly sticks. I have heard about using free range chickens to keep the population down, but I have also heard that flies can travel up to 2 miles from any direction. I am just so ready for the fall and cooler weather and for the flies to be gone until next year. I also have tried all the “sprays” for my two Arabians.

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    I have 3 free range, happy hens, have used fly predators, natural spray, commercial spray, made my own, our manure is hauled away weekly, and the flies are horrible right now. It seems they get stronger & more resistant to traps, sprays, etc as the summer goes on. My hens do eat the bugs, but, like you say, the flies travel & none of my neighbors have any sort of fly program in place, so yes–it is gross right now. I think the hens do help, and they sure are fun to watch & interact with. Easy keepers, too-and of course, eggs!

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    They are terrible. I will wash off their masks tomorrow. I hate them. I am thinking about getting the chickens. I like chickens and want the eggs. I have two mallards, that I am waiting on having eggs as well. I don’t clean up their manure, it is such a big space and it all dries up quickly in this Mojave sun. I am looking at getting a younger person to do that for me. Sprays don’t work, like you said…it just attracts them. I will try and be better prepared next year. I think that part of the problem is that the people behind me have lots of livestock. Thank you for your reply. I will start looking into some free range chickens….the only thing is that I have oleanders in my yard….should I get rid of those first…

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    I haven’t tried this, but I hear people see them all over beach restuarants.

    take a ziploc baggie that actually zips closed and fill with probably 1 1/2″ of water. Plop in numerous pennies. Staple onto places around the coral/barn or what have you.
    I read up on it and it states that the flys get dizied or irritated by the light bouncing off the pennies and the illusion water created.

    Like I said not sure if it really works.

    We use a topical fly repellent. Have you heard of Frontline or K-9 advantics? It’s like that but for horses. We get it at the local Farm & Fleet. It is called Equi-Spot. We find it helps, but it doesn’t solve the problem.
    We use Pyranha Fly Spray, think it works the best. Endure is okay too.
    Also, we sheet body, head, and legs.
    We use Swat topical ointment for belly buttons because the flys love it there. The Swat is wonderful. used I think to protect wounds from flys so it is really repellent.
    OH! there are also these little bugs that you can buy that eat the larva of the fly. We used them twice and found it helped. Though I can’t for the life of me remember the company that sold them. I saw the commercial on RFDtv.

    Maybe you can try the fly zappers?

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