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    Looking for any input on fly predators vs. feed through? Been using the predators for years, combined with spray, traps, diatomaceous earth etc. Drag fields regularly when weather allows. Problem is 12 horses scattered widely over several very large (about 2 acres apiece) fields, predators can’t cover that amount of space – thinking of trying the feed through this year, so gathering info. Thanks!!

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    I have never had any luck with fly predators. What I’ve had success with is picking up manure regularly, and feeding dried garlic flakes. I would definitely try feed through next, and then just continue with everything else (put on fly masks, spray, ect.) Hope this helps.

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    We have been using Diatomaceous earth, daily cleaning stalls and a automatic fly spray system for several years. The problem is that the pesticide has built up a resistance in the fly population. It is to the point now, that it is useless. We are now looking for a new material . Any suggestions?

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    I am surrounded by irrigation ditches & corn fields. Flies & mosquitoes ahoy. Fly spray not helpful- would get bloody spots from bites & itching. I now wrap mine from head to toe in fly sheet, shoo fly leg wraps & fly mask. Sometimes swat helps on exposed legs (but a mess). We spray the area outside the perimeter of the fence with mosquito spray & that works. I don’t think feed-through helped & with your large area forget the predators.

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