Fungus on front of back legs

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    Last month I started noticing that my 19-year-old arab/QH cross is getting this weird, peeling, “schmootz” (a technical term) on the fronts of his hind cannon bones. It doesn’t seem to be tender or sore when I pick at it, but no amount of bathing seems to make it go away. Has anyone else ever had something like this? Is there an anti-fungal or something that might help?

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    With the fungus I’ve encountered, in the same place, I usually use one of those jelly curry comb scrubber thingies (another very technical term) and scrub it off and then rinse with antifungal shampoo (I have no idea what type I used). Though this kind of fungus was like grayish dirt that just made their legs feel lumpy and wasn’t quite as peeling. I’ve general found with fungus that scrubbing is usually the key, but I’ve also had one case where it left scarring (aka white fur) so maybe its not always the way to go. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful!

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    I have wondered for a while if this schmutz (to stay in keeping with the technical terms : ) is low grade burning from urine splatter. It seems to be more common among geldings tho not exclusive to. I know of mares with similar issues but it seems to be inside the hind cannons as opposed to in front, as with a gelding…. mostly just thinking out loud : )

    Hunterjumper (I love your technicality, I get it :D) offers good advice on keeping things clean and treated.

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    Sounds like Rain Rot to me. My mare had it in the same spot, as well as under little scabs on various areas on her rump. It feels greasy when you start rubbing on the area. A week of scrubbing it off with a brush and some betadine, and you’ll be good to go! Be sure to keep it nice and dry. Rain Rot likes moist places. When you pick off the top layer though, and expose it to the air, it dies pretty quick. It is indeed a fungus.

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    It’s called Cannon Keratosis. Very common. You can keep it down with regular currying and brushing. Shampooing with an anti-dandruff shampoo like Neutrogena TGel or generic CVS anti-dandruff shampoo with coal tar will also help.

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    My T-bred gelding gets this too. I’m in Florida and sweat happens most of the year so we hose them down after every ride. A friend suggested putting about 2 quarts of vinegar in a small bucket with the same amount of water and use that to sponge the sweaty areas and scrub the front of his back legs with. As long as I do it a couple of times a week the scunge stays away.

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    For the tougher cases of this I have used MTG to clear it up and then use an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep it away.

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