Girth Suggestions please!

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    I have a thoroughbred with fairly sensitive skin, and I am wondering if the Smartpak Air+ Neoprene Girth will give him rubs/irritate him. Does anyone have experience with this product? If so, would you recommend it? Also open to suggestions for girths $50 and under that would be subtle enough for the hunters.

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    id try the smartpak fleece girth thats what i usually use its washable durable and really good looking in the hunter ring

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    I would stay away from neoprene if his skin is senstive. Neoprene doesn’t breath, it can rub if not fitted 100% correctly, and will make them sweat fairly easily. I use neoprene girths on some of my horses, and once in a blue moon we do get rubs. The one’s with more senstive bellies get fleece or cotton-web girths.

    Here are some ideas to try:
    Canvas/Fleece girths
    Chafeless girths made by Wintec
    Gel girths
    Just plain ol’ leather girths with elastic on the buckles.

    Also check out shoulder relief/anatomic girths as well!
    Good luck finding something that works!

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