Grain vs Supplements

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    I have been getting my horse the Smart Essentials for about three months now. He is a 10 year old Quarter horse in moderate work. He is out on pasture 24/7 and gets no grain (except his supplements). I haven’t really noticed any difference after getting his SmartPaks, good or bad. Does he really need supplements or could he get enough of his essential vitamins and minerals from a good quality grain?

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    Ah, the million dollar question! My opinion is if they are on a decent amount of a high quality grain, say 5 pounds of Ultium or Senior or Omolene, you would not need a vitamin/mineral supplement but there are a lot of variables. While my gelding is getting 10 pounds a day of high quality feed, he is in heavy work so gets SmartLytes, DMG and Smart Senior Combo Ultra. Because of his work load, I feel he needs optimal nutrition. There are a lot of things we feed that we have to go on faith and research that they are of use. I would say if he gets no grain, maybe a ration balancer like Enrich32.

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    I would go to the various websites of grain sellers, check out what is in each type of grain, and then make a decision. Supplements are not meant to take the place of grain, but to supplement it. The nutritional needs of each horse can vary widely, depending on age, type of work and quality of feed available. Pasture alone may not meet the needs of any horse, again depending on what the horse is eating out there.

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