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    I live in PA and this time of year is high allergy season with many pollens blowing in the wind. For the past 2 days my horse had yellowish stuff in the corner of his eyes and crusty gunk just under his eyes. I have never seen this before with him. I rinsed both eyes out with water yesterday morning and kept him in the barn all day and his eyes were fine. I turned him out last night and this morning they were “gunky” again. ANy thoughts to what might be causing this, other than the pollen?

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    Sounds totally like allergy. Even people develop allergies later in life. I keep a fly mask on my horse during the day but you said this happened over night. You could try a mask during the day, take it off at night (never leave it on at night unless he is in the barn cause they can’t see out of it at night) and then stall him overnight. I don’t think they make allergy medicine for horses but you could check with your vet.

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    My horse gets this when he doesn’t have a fly mask on, the flies are bad and the wind picks up.
    I’d put a mask on him, keep cleaning his eyes as needed. Sometimes a nice cool compress helps them if his eyes are puffy at all.
    I have one horse who has to have a fly mask on 24/7 in the summer time because any type of wind that blows any dust in his face causes him to have icky eyes, and we have bugs all the time, no matter what time of day/night…And he can see just fine at night.
    I’ve never heard of them not being able to see through a mask at night..

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    You might also try a good product called Calm Eye. I use it when I take the fly mask off and any puffy, runny, or redness is gone in 5 min.

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    There was an appy mare at my old barn with chronic gunky eyes. The vet ended up putting a tube up through a passage in her nostril and was able to flush out the tear ducts in both eyes. She needed the flush during the allergy seasons, but it really helped keep her comfortable and clear eyed

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    Thank you all so very much; it had to be a high pollen day. The fly mask worked great!

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