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    Hi, We have a mare who was pulled from some very neglectful circumstances. She is old and has intermittent loose manure and is sensitive around the flank and udder. I’ve tried everything. Sand purges, Bio-Sponge (which worked but I don’t think really addresses the issue) and various other supplements. We put her on Smart Digest Ultra and within a day the problem was solved. It is obvious she is feeling better – no nasty poop and no snarkiness when touching her flank. The udder is still an issue but not like it was. She just doesn’t like her boobies touched! We also have 2 minis who were bred down too small. They massive dental issues and gut issues form time to time. They have been on Smart Digest and that usually does the trick but when they need it, I give them a few doses of Ultra and they are good to go. I told my vet about it and she said she’s been hearing good things about it as well. Just thought you might like to know! 🙂

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