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    I’m looking to get a half pad for increased comfort for my horse and shock absorption. Currently I’m thinking of getting the Equifit T-Foam Contoured Pad Extra Thickness, but was wondering how the Supracor Cool Grip pad compared? I was also wondering if anyone knew anything about Acavallo products, like their memory foam half pad and the memory foam/gel half pad and how those compared to Ecogold and Ogilvy? Thanks!

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    I use a Supracor Cool Grip saddle pad and swear by them, especially in summer. Both my horses prefer them as they don’t lose elasticity over heavy use, there are no hot spots, no weak spots, and they disperse heat well. They aren’t ‘memory foam’ which wears down over time, and they don’t hold moisture like memory foam. You clean them with a damp sponge and they are dry within minutes – or you can towel dry. Re shock absorption – the Supracor contains the same material that is used in wheel chairs and the space shuttles for shock absorption. If it’s good enough for NASA it’s good enough for me. I’ve been using them for more than five years. Great product – and I don’t use others so I cannot compare.

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