Hap-pee to see me?

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    Why does my horse pee when she sees me? She is a mare, but my gelding did it too. It’s a regular occurrence before feeding. I really had not given it much thought until my non-horsey husband noticed and asked me. This is the first time he has stumped me. If anyone has an answer for him I would appreciate it.

    On a side note, my favorite question from my non-horsey hubby was when he asked me if the reason people blindfolded their horses was to make sure that they did not run away. That was the day he learned about fly masks….

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Maybe you just happen to show up when they really need to go? This one has me stumped also.

    It is never the horse's fault

    G & S
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    Are the horses stalled most of the time? Most horses don’t seem to care, but some don’t like peeing & pooping in the stall, or they don’t feel safe to do it unless they have protection, which your presence could provide.

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    The horse is in half the day and out half the day. I have the turnout set up so that she always has access to her stall if she wants it. What time of day she is out depends on the time of year.

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    It might have something to do with what you do next. Are they anticipating confinement in a trailer or being tied? I’ve seen horses that urinate prior to loading because it splatters on the trailer. Mine won’t urinate when I’m around – always thought they had a weird sense of privacy. My mare goes into her stall and goes – usually after I’ve just put out new bedding.

    Horse husbands are wonderful things. I warned my hubby not to leave his truck in the pasture with the horses – he said “Don’t worry, I took the keys out of the ignition.” (guess he thought one of our horses was a potential truck thief…)

    Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...

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    How old is your horses?

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    My horse does this too. He then comes to the gate to wait for me. I believe he does this because he knows he is going to work, and is getting ready.

    Don’t knock it – he never pees in the trailer or crossties because he takes care of things himself at the start. Before loading to return, or putting him in the crossties after work, I always walk him to a nice soft spot, and he knows to pee. I taught him a command to help with this – just picked a signal, and started using it and praising him when he urinated. It really comes in handy!

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