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    we have a older mare at my barn and we used flax seed to help her keep it on

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    I am also at a boarding barn, and I give my horse what I feel he needs extra as a “lunch”. That way, I know for certain that he is getting what I want him to have. Of course, it is sometimes inconvenient, but it is the best solution I could find.

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    I have a 5yr old OTTB 17.2 & a 8yr OTTB 16.2 both Geldings that were on Total Equine for two months and lost a lot of weight it seemed like towards the end of the two months they literally lost weight overnight you could see the younger ones spine and ribs I felt like a terrible owner, so we did some research and choose to switch them to Triple crown senior with the vets approval about two months ago each received 3ibs twice a day with free choice of hay, no pasture available. The 8yr old gained weight nicely we saw a difference with in two weeks but the younger 5 yr old and a lot bigger was not doing so well. so with the vets advice we increased his feed to 5ibs twice a day, still no difference so we added 1 cup of Aloe Vera juice ” helps heal ulcers’ once a day over his feed . He started to gain slowly but I still was not happy with his progress so about three weeks ago we added beet pulp, boy has he gaining weight, we added 2ibs to his feed twice a day and now we have reduced the TC senior down to 4ibs and kept the pulp at the same amount and he is looking great. The 8yr old also gets aloe as well and a handful of beet pulp and they look so good, health and happy. I believe the total equine is not a good choice for thoroughbreds I have a friend that has quarter horses and they are doing well on the total equine but I will never feed it to my boys again. I will keep them on the Triple crown, I am considering adding a smartpak supplement for total wellbeing but still thinking about it.

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    Since no one has added it, I have had a lot of success adding Nutrena Empower Boost (red bag) its an extruded rice bran pellet, comparable to Purina Amplify but my mare likes the Empower much better. She has anhydrosis, beet pulp can be a contributing factor to that (no scientific evidence though) and Cool Calories is a powder which she wont touch, so for me those are a no go. Empower doesn’t make her “Hot” which she always looks for an excuse to be nuts. Best of luck.

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    I found this feed called Total Equine. When I feed my horses this, it doesn’t take much to keep their weight regular. I’m really satisfied with how well my horses like it and keep their weight without having to feed them a lot of it or give them supplements except for mineral salt. Here is the website for the Total Equine feed: http://www.totalfeeds.com I hope this helps!

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    Triple Crown Safe Starch® Forage Specially selected for low NSC levels and the product is molasses and grain free. I gave my hard keeper a 5 gallon bucket full each night during the day she got 2 quarts of senior and 2 quarts of sport. The most important thing is the quality of the hay your are feeding. I recommend a timothy mix second cut. My horse gets a bale of hay a day to free feed off. She fattened right up. You can feed them grain but without the right hay it’s pointless. I would also recommend a fecal sample to see what you are worming for before you risk upsetting a hard keepers stomach. With him being that thin if you are going to worm I recommend keeping a tube of probiotic on standby encase he looks colicky after worming. Also if all else fails a scope for ulcers may be necessary.

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