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    I would like to change my bridle from a browband to a one ear headstall he doesn’t have a problem with his one he has now but I’m a barrel racer could I would it change anything?

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    If you’re horse doesn’t mind it, I don’t think it will change anything. I have a mare who doesn’t like the one-ear headstall that is her western wear. She rubs her head a lot. Take the ear bit off, she’s fine. She goes fine in her brow-band English bridle.

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    I have trained hundreds of horses over the years and found that if your horse is desensitized around the head and ears the head gear used on them is only a riders preference. As far as rubbing the bridles off we should not tie them or leave the horse unattended with out taking the bridles off. This is also a training discipline. One ear. two ear or brow band all work great if you make your horse ready for the tack.

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    I run horses in both types (brow band & sliding ear) The main concern is the bit type. I find a ring bit i.e. regular snaffle needs a brow band, because it can “lift” at the poll if you have to pull firmly, especially on both reins. Any gag type, or bit with a curb seems fine with the sliding ear headstalls.

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