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    I’m looking into getting a new helmet. I’ve never found one I like. I have a large oval shaped head and really thick hair. I don’t like putting my hair up in the helmet like the jumpers do. And I’m not a fan of the dial fit systems, they just tend to pull on my hair. Anyone found a good low profile helmet for big heads with lots of hair?

    pheets pheets
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    I also have thick hair and an oval shape. Had to get a new helmet when I got my hair cut. Most better helmets are not designed for and/or “legal” if hair is put up in them. I am happiest in my Charles Owen Pro II and also have the CO Jr8?.. not sure of the model number, both are skullcaps as I event and prefer a brimless front. The best helmet is the one that fits properly and suits your discipline needs. CO also makes a pretty nice one that looks more like a hunt cap (Wellington) that offers a lesser profile than some of the mushroomy types. I have coveted this one for many years and will likely break down and make the purchase some time this year. The Wellington looks nice, even appropriate, in the dressage ring.

    I suggest a trip to a few tack shops, look around, try on as many different models as possible. I don’t think there really is a BEST brand out there, the one that fits correctly is the best one ; ) Figure your size in a few models, then shop on line for a better price if there is one. Remember to make sure that the one of choice is properly certified (ASTMI and some have safety codes as well, usually a number: 1, 2, or 3).

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    I agree with pheets, shop around. I love my Tipperary sportage helmet because it is light and cool (good for our southern summers). It is brimless and sits higher on the forehead so that it doesn’t interfere with my sunglasses. It also provides better protection for the back of the head as it sits lower than most of them. The fit is not dialed in, so one must find the size that fits exactly. I had tried several other brands before I settled on this and love it because I hardly know I’m wearing a helmet when I’m on the trail. But helmet preferences do vary; I suppose that’s why there are so many options from which to choose. Good luck.

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    Try the IRH ATH SSV helmet. IRH makes several helmets that come in actual sizes (not the dial fit) and are available in long oval. Also they are ASTM SEI approved. I have one in long oval myself and it’s probably the best fitting and most comfortable helmet I’ve ever owned. Not to mention the price is still somewhat reasonable (but we are talking about protecting our noggins here, so can’t be too picky with cost). I hope this helps.

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    I think you would like the Charles Owen GR8. It is quite round. I also have the AYR8 which is more oblong and doesn’t fit as well because of that. As others have said, try them on at a tack store. But do realize that different models of CO helmets have different fits. They are great helmets – comfortable, attractive, and durable.

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    I know what you’re saying. I ,too, have an oval shaped heads and after going thru many years of settling on a fit I tried the IRH oval shaped helmets. It is the most comfortable helmet I have ever put on. No pressure points on the front or rear of the helmet. There are several different models of IRH that come in the long oval option. I have the IRH Elite Extreme helmet.

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    I have an oval shaped head as well, with lots of long, thick, curly hair. I absolutely LOVE my Tipperary Sportage helmet. I wear it even when groundworking my frisky Friesian. In my opinion they run a little small – I took a size medium in the Troxel Dakota (which hurts my forehead something awful), and a Large in the Tipperary. Try it, I think it’s the most comfortable helmet out there for our head and hair! Reasonably priced, too.

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    Hi Dakotasmom,

    I think we have a similar predicament. I always had problems with helmets either being too tight and digging in to my forehead front to back, but usually there was a gap along my temples that still allowed the helmet to shift. I also have a good amount of curly hair which doesn’t do well tucked up into my helmet. Here’s what I’m riding in – hopefully this helps!

    I am an eventer, so, I school in a Tipperary Sportage which is nice and light/airy, and I can leave my hair in a low ponytail even with the more-coverage back on the helmet. I also run cross country and school in a Tipperary Titan (the skull cap) which I really like. My dressage show helmet is a Charles Owen JR8. I bought it snug and have the straps adjusted so I can put a pony tail in a few different places or even between the crossing straps at the back. I bought a pretty show bow bun cover that matches my dressage coat to wear when I’m showing, as well.

    Many of the riders in my area seem to have a lot of long hair and many of them wear show bows, so I felt this was a relatively fashionable choice. I didn’t want to buy a helmet that was too big to accommodate my hair – plus any length changes or having a straight hair day would mess with the fit. I like my helmets to be snug and not move around when landing off fences or riding a hard stop. Good luck helmet shopping!

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    Charles Owen is a manufacturer you should try. They offer different helmet shapes and measurement by centimeters. I also have a large head and thick hair and am a Dakota mom : ) My CO Hampton is so comfy I forget it’s on, yet it is quite substantial and covers well.

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    Tipperary Sportage is best for me too. I actually have to get XL in some styes, 7 3/8 here. Just try them on. But they are super comfy.

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    Both of my kids have Charles Owen, but different heads so they got different helmets. It was really worth my time to get a helmet fitting with an experience outfitter. My daughter has a lot of hair and we found the Charles Owen GR8 the best fit. We also like the drawstring in the back of the helmet to keep her thick hair in place and create the best fit. Good luck!

    snow horse
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    Charles Owens makes helmets for oval heads. 🙂

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    I love my gpa first lady. The vents keep me cool and it doesn’t look silly on my big head. I’m definitely more round then just oval.

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    I had the hardest time finding a new helmet last year. I didn’t have the budget for a Charles Owen or a GPA, and had almost given up hope, but luckily I discovered Tipperary helmets! Not only do they fit, they actually look good on me!

    I wore an adult medium/large as a 9-year-old and my head has only grown since! I don’t even know what shape my head is, I just know that I tried on 5,000 of everyone else’s favorite helmets before I found one that even remotely fit.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Tipperary Sportage, very light weight, oval shape, great fit, lots of air vents, fits over thick pony tails very nicely…had several over the years, and now most of my friends and trainers use them.

    Also very reasonably priced and they have 7 or 8 color choices.

    Tipperary Sportage 8500 Helmet
    MSRP: $74.95 –

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