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    Now that Rusty’s ulcers are being treated and he’s returning to (or becoming for the first time) a very sweet Thoroughbred …. All that aside, its going on FOUR WEEKS since my last ride … A trail ride which ended badly. My helmet did its job – broke, I was knocked out for 30 mins … My fiance and his horse were able to find me only because I had my cell phone strapped to my leg and eventually answered it.

    To ride!!

    What’s the hold up? Helmets. The guy who loves me, who was on “the other horse”, drag races … 180 mph in a 69 Camaro …Which he has wrecked/flipped over… Beaten back together and continues to race …. He hasn’t yet found a helmet which he finds “safe”. …. My Troxel Spirit is dead. He’s looking for something strong, but with softer padding on the inside. His racing helmet is tightly padded, but not with hard foam like most of ours… He wants something like that … He’s also slightly disturbed that most riding helmet reviews seem to address style over safety.

    Anyway, looking for advise that won’t break the bank, but will get me back in the saddle … Without a full roll cage.

    Much thanks!

    G & S
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    One of the most critical features of any helmet is that it fit the wearer correctly. If it does not, it won’t give the protection is is supposed to supply. So try on any helmet before you buy, or be prepared to return it if you order on-line and the fit is not correct.

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    G & S, thank you for the quick comment!
    Putting a helmet in my hands (and on my head) is very important. I’m used to walking into places like Dover Saddlery. I may not buy that helmet that day, I will more than likely find what I like and shop it online … Which is how I found out I have a “Troxel shaped head”. Now I’m hours from a big helmet-stocking store … Trying to narrow down the selection so I can find a dealer and save running around VA and MD for the perfect find.

    Almost snuck out of the last race to a nearby MD tack shop! We were just too busy (think he planned it that way.)

    Blue Ribbion Baby
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    Yes the troxels aren’t the most safe but the Charles Owen which is the next step up to the Troxel they have awesome padding and supportive brims and helmets. These will never let you down.
    Depending on your price range you might want a Samshield which also offers great safety but for more money.
    Both great options.

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